272 Things to do in Minecraft 1.18

This is a long list. 272 is a big number. It’s probably the biggest number I can think of. But that’s how many things you could do potentially do in your minecraft world. There’s even an order to it. What order, you ask? *has a private chuckle* I’ll explain.

This list consists of 4 categories:

  • 95 advancements
  • 86 builds
  • 74 farms
  • 12 treasure

I put these four categories in order of what you need, in order to get the advancement/build/farm/treasure.

For example, you might decide you want to make a basalt generator. Yeah, that sounds cool. Then you realize, you need soul soil. Which means you need to go to the nether. Which means you need good armor. Which means you need diamonds. Which means you need to go mining. Which means you need a pickaxe.

As you can see, it can get complicated fast. So I placed the things on this list in order of what materials are needed to complete each adventure or project.

Each build, farm and some advancements, I’ve linked to the creator’s youtube videos. There’s a wide variety of builds from different people that I’ve chosen. I pretty much only build with Shulkercraft‘s farms because they’re a good compromise between easy to build, actually works after you’ve built it, and fantastic block by block tutorials.

Last but not least, I encourage you to download CTM’s AA Speedrun Tool, even if you’re not a speedrunner. It’s great for tracking your advancements in an easy to visualize format.

270 things to do in minecraft

  1. Have a crafting table in your inventory advancement
  2. Mine stone with a pickaxe advancement
  3. Construct a stone pickaxe advancement
  4. Consume anything that can be consumed advancement
  5. Lie down in a bed advancement
  6. Build a spawn point base/starter mine
  7. Trade with a villager advancement
  8. Have an iron ingot in your inventory advancement
  9. Build a base at coordinates 0, 0
  10. Have any type of iron armor in your inventory advancement
  11. Have any type of diamond armor in your inventory advancement
  12. Have a block of obsidian in your inventory advancement
  13. Plant 1 of 5 crops advancement (a seedy place on wiki)
  14. Breed a pair of any of the 21 mobs advancement (the parrots and the bats on wiki)
  15. Use a water bucket on a fish advancement
  16. Tame one of the tameable mobs advancement (best friends forever on wiki)
  17. Use a fishing rod to catch a fish advancement
  18. Build a cow farm
  19. Insert an item in an enchanting table, then apply an enchantment advancement
  20. Loot a village of its treasure chests
  21. Expand 2 villages with every type of job site block except lecterns
  22. Expand 2 villages with only librarians and try to get all the enchantments you want to create your perfect armor and tools
  23. Use a bow or crossbow, and shoot an entity with an arrow advancement
  24. Shoot a crossbow advancement
  25. Build a huge storage area at coordinates 0, 0 in a giant plus sign formation, with double chests. Use item frames and collect items and blocks to display on the chests. For almost every item in the game, you might need over 1,058 double chests.
  26. Find buried treasure
  27. Loot the treasure chests in igloos with basements
  28. Pick up a potion from a brewing stand advancement
  29. Throw a splash potion of weakness at a zombie villager, feed it a golden apple, and wait for it to be cured advancement
  30. Build an ice farm
  31. Summon an iron golem advancement
  32. Build a beginner iron farm
  33. Build a beginner auto potato/carrot farm
  34. Build a cactus farm
  35. Use a glass bottle on a bee nest or beehive while not angering the bees inside advancement
  36. Move a bee nest with 3 bees inside using a silk touch tool advancement
  37. Collide on a vertical side of a honey block when in the air advancement
  38. Use a honeycomb on a copper block advancement
  39. Use an axe to revert a waxed copper block advancement
  40. Walk on powdered snow with leather boots advancement
  41. Enter a boat with a goat advancement
  42. Hit a target block 30 blocks away horizontally advancement
  43. Free fall from the top of the world (build limit) to the bottom of the world and survive advancement
  44. Trade with a villager at the build height limit advancement
  45. Kill any entity or be killed by any entity advancement
  46. Kill one of the 34 mobs advancement (monster hunter on wiki)
  47. Build a battlefield with a safe house in the middle
  48. Block any projectile with a shield advancement
  49. Kill a skeleton 50 blocks away horizontally after being hit by the player once advancement
  50. Build a phantom farm
  51. Build an easy cobblestone/stone farm
  52. Use a glow ink sac on a sign advancement
  53. Find an amethyst geode and collect all the blocks in it
  54. Look at a parrot through a spyglass advancement
  55. Loot a desert temple of its treasure
  56. Loot a jungle temple of its treasure
  57. Use a water bucket on an axolotl advancement
  58. Loot a ruined portal of its treasure
  59. Have a block of crying obsidian in your inventory advancement
  60. Use a piercing crossbow to kill 2 phantoms with one arrow advancement
  61. Loot an abandoned mineshaft of its treasure
  62. Build an XP farm
  63. Build a spider farm
  64. Build a snow farm
  65. Build a sweet berry farm
  66. Build a terracotta house
  67. Build a moss block house
  68. Enter the nether advancement
  69. Look at a ghast through a spyglass advancement
  70. Kill a ghast using a ghast fireball advancement
  71. Enter a nether fortress advancement
  72. Have a blaze rod in your inventory advancement
  73. Recharge a respawn anchor fully advancement
  74. Boost a strider with a warped fungus on a stick advancement
  75. While riding a strider, travel 50 blocks in lava in the overworld
  76. Have an ancient debris in your inventory advancement
  77. Use a compass on a lodestone advancement
  78. Have a full set of netherite armor in your inventory advancement
  79. Have a netherite hoe in your inventory advancement
  80. Loot a shipwreck of its treasure
  81. Loot an ocean ruins of its treasure
  82. Obtain a trident
  83. Have the regeneration effect applied from assisting an axolotl or it kill a mob advancement
  84. Protect a villager from an undesired shock without starting a fire advancement
  85. Build a hoglin farm
  86. Build a mossy stone brick house
  87. Build a green terracotta house
  88. Build a deepslate house
  89. Build a piglin barter farm in 1 minute
  90. Build a piglin barter farm
  91. Build a warped plank house
  92. Build an easy concrete maker farm
  93. Build a wool farm
  94. Build a flower farm
  95. Build a fish farm
  96. Build a chicken farm
  97. Build an easy iron farm
  98. Build a honey farm
  99. Build a weeping vine farm
  100. Build a kelp farm
  101. Build a zombie farm
  102. Build a skeleton farm
  103. Build an easy glow squid farm
  104. Build a calcite house
  105. Build a grass block house
  106. Build a lava farm
  107. Enter a stronghold advancement
  108. Enter the end advancement
  109. Look at the ender dragon with a spyglass advancement
  110. Kill the ender dragon advancement
  111. Have a dragon egg in your inventory advancement
  112. Resummon the ender dragon with end crystals and be within a certain radius of the exit portal advancement
  113. Have a bottle of dragon’s breath in your inventory advancement
  114. Throw an ender pearl or walk into an end gateway advancement
  115. Enter an end city advancement
  116. Have a pair of elytra in your inventory advancement
  117. Move a distance of 50 blocks vertically with the levitation effect applied advancement
  118. Build an endermen farm
  119. Build a chorus flower farm
  120. Build a chorus fruit farm
  121. Build an easy creeper farm
  122. Build a TNT duplicator farm
  123. Build a slime farm
  124. Build an auto sugar cane farm
  125. Build a moss block bone meal farm
  126. Build a sugar cane farm in 10 seconds
  127. Build an auto bridge builder farm
  128. Build a cobblestone farm
  129. Build a smooth sandstone house
  130. Build a mob farm
  131. Build an oak house
  132. Build a yellow terracotta house
  133. Build a creeper farm
  134. Give a piglin a gold ingot while not wearing any golden armor advancement
  135. Enter a bastion remnant advancement
  136. Open a naturally generated, never been opened chest in a bastion advancement
  137. Build a tunnel bore farm
  138. Build a tree farm
  139. Build a stripped birch log house
  140. Build a stripped acacia wood house
  141. Build a polished blackstone brick house
  142. Build a witch farm
  143. Build a white terracotta house
  144. Build a stripped dark oak log house
  145. Build a blaze farm
  146. Build a dirt house
  147. Build a granite house
  148. Build a stripped oak wood house
  149. Build a glass pane house
  150. Build a turtle farm
  151. Build a nether brick house
  152. Build a potato/carrot farm
  153. Build a brown terracotta house
  154. Build a villager trading hall
  155. Build a dark oak house
  156. Build a purpur block house
  157. Build a honeycomb block house
  158. Build a bone block house
  159. Build a jungle house
  160. Build an auto storage farm
  161. Build a blackstone house
  162. Build a dark prismarine house
  163. Build an orange terracotta house
  164. Build a wither rose farm
  165. Build a magma cube farm
  166. Build an easy brewing station
  167. Build a brown mushroom block house
  168. Build a gold farm
  169. Build a bamboo farm
  170. Build a polished granite house
  171. Build an easy wood farm
  172. Build a sugar cane farm
  173. Build a concrete farm
  174. Build a yellow concrete house
  175. Build a red concrete house
  176. Build a white concrete house
  177. Build a lime concrete house
  178. Build a purple concrete house
  179. Build an auto fish farm
  180. Loot a pillager outpost of its treasure
  181. Kill a pillager with a crossbow advancement
  182. Kill a raid captain advancement
  183. Build a raid farm
  184. Build a melon and a pumpkin farm
  185. Build a villager breeder
  186. Build a wheat farm
  187. Build a mossy cobblestone house
  188. Build a stripped spruce log house
  189. Build a nether wart farm
  190. Build a warped stem house
  191. Build a super smelter farm
  192. Build a red mushroom block house
  193. Build a shulker shell farm
  194. Build an andesite house
  195. Build a smooth red sandstone house
  196. Build a glass house
  197. Build a light blue wool house
  198. Build a sandstone house
  199. Build a cut sandstone house
  200. Have a wither skeleton skull in your inventory advancement
  201. Build a wither skeleton farm
  202. Be within a 20x20x14 cuboid centered on a beacon block when it realizes it has become fully powered advancement
  203. Be within a 20x20x14 cuboid centered on a beacon block when it realizes it is being powered by a size 4 pyramid advancement
  204. Build an obsidian farm
  205. Build an auto wither/obsidian farm
  206. Build a ghast farm
  207. Kill a ghast while in the overworld advancement
  208. Build an iron farm
  209. Build a stripped crimson stem house
  210. Build a wither skeleton farm – no spawnproofing needed
  211. Build a snow block house
  212. Build a minecraft base
  213. Build a cobblestone house
  214. Build a red nether brick house
  215. Build a pink terracotta house
  216. Build a squid farm
  217. Build a spruce house
  218. Build an acacia house
  219. Build a light gray concrete house
  220. Build a yellow wool house
  221. Build a black concrete house
  222. Build a cyan terracotta house
  223. Build an orange concrete house
  224. Build a light blue terracotta house
  225. Build a light blue concrete house
  226. Build a birch house
  227. Build a gray concrete house
  228. Build a red terracotta house
  229. Build a guardian farm
  230. Build a prismarine house
  231. Build a pink concrete house
  232. Build a brick house
  233. Build a stripped warped hyphae house
  234. Build a quartz pillar house: part 1, part 2, part 3 , part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, and part 9
  235. Build a stone house
  236. Build a deepslate brick house
  237. Build a polished andesite house
  238. Build a polished blackstone house
  239. Build a smooth quartz block house
  240. Build a magenta terracotta house
  241. Build an end stone brick house
  242. Build a trident farm
  243. Build a drowned copper farm
  244. Hit a mob with a throw trident advancement
  245. Raid an ocean monument of its treasure
  246. Build a white wool house
  247. Build a waxed oxidized copper house
  248. Build a wither/nether star farm
  249. Build a polished diorite house
  250. Have 26 effects applied to the player at all the same time advancement (how did we get here?)
  251. Have 13 status effects applied to you all at the same time advancement (a furious cocktail on wiki)
  252. Eat each of the 40 foods listed advancement (a balanced diet on wiki)
  253. Use a totem of undying while taking fatal damage advancement
  254. Build a basalt generator farm
  255. Build a block of amethyst house
  256. Build a polished basalt house
  257. Build a lime terracotta house: part 1, part 2, and part 3
  258. Build a polished deepslate house
  259. Build a nether stem farm
  260. Build a crimson plank house
  261. Build a magenta concrete house
  262. Build a stripped crimson hyphae house
  263. Visit all 5 nether biomes advancement (hot tourist destinations on wiki)
  264. Breed a pair of each of the 21 mobs advancement (two by two on wiki)
  265. Hit a villager with a channeling trident advancement
  266. Kill 5 unique mobs with one crossbow shot advancement
  267. Tame each of the 11 cat variants advancement (a complete catalogue on wiki)
  268. Visit all of these 50 biomes (adventuring time on wiki)
  269. Use the nether to travel between two points in the overworld with a minimum horizontal distance of 7000 blocks in the overworld, which is 875 blocks in the nether advancement
  270. Loot a woodland mansion of its treasure
  271. Be in a certain radius of the village center when a raid ends in victory advancement
  272. Kill each of these 34 mobs advancement (monsters hunted on wiki)

Album review of Dawn FM by The Weeknd

Album review of Dawn FM by The Weeknd

Hi, I listened to The Weeknd’s brand new album that just came out and it’s amazing.

It’s really goddamn good.

The concept is that you’re dying and going to heaven or maybe you’re in purgatory, and you’re listening to a radio channel with 80s beats and synths and shit.

Electronic R&B? With a touch of disco? That’s how I’d describe the musical style of the album as a whole probably.

It’s creepy, it’s beauty, the lyrics are deep, it’s awesome, but it also addresses you, the listener, with an outro track featuring some wise spiritual guidance in the form of spoken word poetry.

It’s dark but with a glimmer of hope and peace. It’s like what death is really like. First it’s scary and then it’s peaceful I bet.

It’s not as melodic and catchy as his early albums, but the lyrics are deeper and the music sounds more complex, meaning more like experimental R&B. It’s more entertaining to listen to because everything is fresh and you hear new things each time you play the album through.

He has this part where he’s interviewing his dad. Or maybe it’s not his dad? Oh I just looked it up. It’s Quincy Jones. Anyway, his dad says that he used to leave women as soon as he felt attached and he didn’t know why but now that he’s an old man he realizes that he was unconsciously messed up from his mom having been committed to a mental institution, and how not having a mother’s love made him avoid love with anyone to avoid getting hurt. It gave me chills because all of The Weeknd’s albums up to the last two albums have been about sex, drugs, and music and he was very boastful about his sexual conquests and then something happened.

I think he just grew up and got more self-aware, and now his albums are like this, “I love you and I’m all messed up and self-destructive” thing.

Oh right haha and Jim Carrey is the radio host on the album and he does a really good job. He’s poetic and has true artistry in his acting. I believe he really is a creepy but serene voice guiding you from death to the afterlife.

Oh and I have something really cute to share with you. I read an interview about The Weeknd and Jim Carrey, they’re neighbors and use telescopes to wave at each other from their respective houses.


How to Organize Your Shulker Boxes

Inventory management is highly individual. We all have our favorite ways to go about playing minecraft. The following post is how I organize my ender chest and shulker box inventory, so I never have to go back to my home base pretty much ever.

I break up my gameplay categories into: adventures, builds, farms, and advancements. So I place items in my inventory based on those categories. For you, it will likely be different, and that’s OK.

Here’s how I like to organize my inventory:

  1. Black = Tools
  2. Magenta = Transportation
  3. Light Blue = Brewing
  4. White = Food
  5. Red = Redstone
  6. Orange = Misc
  7. Lime = Builds
  8. Yellow = Decoration
  9. Light purple = Empty shulker box
The shulker boxes are in the following categories: decoration, builds, miscellaneous, redstone, food, brewing, transportation, and tools.

Tools shulker box inventory

  1. Arrows
  2. Bow
  3. Netherite sword
  4. Netherite helmet
  5. Netherite chestplate
  6. Netherite leggings
  7. Netherite boots
  8. Shield
  9. Totem of undying
  10. Trident
  11. Crossbow
  12. Gold helmet
  13. Fishing pole
  14. Clock
  15. Spyglass
  16. Shears
  17. Lead
  18. Name tag
  19. Flint and steel
  20. Netherite shovel
  21. Netherite axe
  22. Netherite pickaxe
  23. Netherite hoe
  24. Compass

Transportation shulker box inventory

  1. Powered rail
  2. Detector rail
  3. Rails
  4. Rails
  5. Activator rail
  6. Minecart
  7. Minecart with hopper
  8. Minecart with chest
  9. Elytra
  10. Birch boat
  11. Saddle
  12. Warped fungus on a stick

Brewing shulker box inventory

  1. Water bottle
  2. Water bottle
  3. Water bottle
  4. Night vision (8:00)
  5. Fire resistance (8:00)
  6. Speed (8:00)
  7. Water breathing (8:00)
  8. Instant health II
  9. Regeneration (1:30)
  10. Strength (8:00)
  11. Brewing stand
  12. Glass bottle
  13. Nether wart
  14. Ghast tear
  15. Blaze powder
  16. Magma cream
  17. Glistering melon
  18. Golden carrot
  19. Rabbit’s foot
  20. Phantom membrane
  21. Fermented spider eye
  22. Cauldron

Food 1 shulker box inventory

  1. Apples
  2. Mushroom stew
  3. Bread
  4. Raw porkchop
  5. Cooked porkchop
  6. Golden apple
  7. Enchanted golden apple
  8. Raw cod
  9. Raw salmon
  10. Tropical fish
  11. Pufferfish
  12. Cooked cod
  13. Cooked salmon
  14. Cake
  15. Cookies
  16. Melon slice
  17. Dried kelp
  18. Raw beef
  19. Steak
  20. Raw chicken
  21. Cooked chicken
  22. Rotten flesh
  23. Spider eye
  24. Carrot
  25. Potato
  26. Baked potato
  27. Poisonous potato

Food 2 shulker box inventory

  1. Pumpkin pie
  2. Raw rabbit
  3. Cooked rabbit
  4. Rabbit stew
  5. Raw mutton
  6. Cooked mutton
  7. Beetroot
  8. Beetroot soup
  9. Sweet berries
  10. Glowberries
  11. Honey bottle

Redstone 1 shulker box inventory

  1. Redstone dust
  2. Redstone dust
  3. Hopper
  4. Hopper
  5. Hopper
  6. Piston
  7. Sticky piston
  8. Slime block
  9. Honey block
  10. Observer
  11. Dispenser
  12. Dropper
  13. Lectern
  14. Target block
  15. Lever
  16. Lightning rod
  17. Daylight detector
  18. Tripwire hook
  19. TNT
  20. Redstone lamp
  21. Note block
  22. Stone button
  23. Oak button
  24. Redstone comparator
  25. Redstone repeater
  26. Redstone torch
  27. Block of redstone

Redstone 2 shulker box inventory

  1. Stone pressure plate
  2. Heavy weighted pressure plate
  3. Oak pressure plate
  4. Crimson pressure plate
  5. Iron door
  6. Oak door
  7. Spruce door
  8. Birch door
  9. Jungle door
  10. Acacia door
  11. Dark oak door
  12. Crimson door
  13. Warped door
  14. Iron trapdoor
  15. Spruce trapdoor
  16. Oak trapdoor
  17. Oak trapdoor
  18. Jungle trapdoor
  19. Acacia trapdoor
  20. Dark oak trapdoor
  21. Birch trapdoor
  22. Crimson trapdoor
  23. Warped trapdoor
  24. Oak fence gate
  25. Spruce fence gate
  26. Warped fence gate
  27. Birch fence gate

Misc 1 shulker box inventory

  1. Beacon
  2. Turtle egg
  3. Conduit
  4. Scute
  5. Coal
  6. Diamond
  7. Emerald
  8. Lapis lazuli
  9. Nether quartz
  10. Amethyst shard
  11. Raw iron
  12. Iron ingot
  13. Raw copper
  14. Copper ingot
  15. Raw gold
  16. Gold ingot
  17. Netherite ingot
  18. Netherite scrap
  19. Sticks
  20. Bowl
  21. String
  22. Feather
  23. Gunpowder
  24. Wheat seeds
  25. Wheat
  26. Flint
  27. Bucket

Misc 2 shulker box inventory

  1. Water bucket
  2. Water bucket
  3. Water bucket
  4. Lava bucket
  5. Lava bucket
  6. Snowball
  7. Leather
  8. Milk bucket
  9. Milk bucket
  10. Bucket of axolotl
  11. Bucket of axolotl
  12. Brick
  13. Clayball
  14. Paper
  15. Book
  16. Slimeball
  17. Egg
  18. Glowstone dust
  19. Ink sac
  20. Glow ink sac
  21. Cocoa beans
  22. White dye
  23. Orange dye
  24. Magenta dye
  25. Light blue dye
  26. Yellow dye
  27. Lime dye

Misc 3 shulker box inventory

  1. Pink dye
  2. Gray dye
  3. Light gray dye
  4. Cyan dye
  5. Purple dye
  6. Blue dye
  7. Brown dye
  8. Green dye
  9. Red dye
  10. Black dye
  11. Bone meal
  12. Bone
  13. Sugar
  14. Pumpkin seeds
  15. Melon seeds
  16. Ender pearl
  17. Blaze rod
  18. Gold nugget
  19. Eye of ender
  20. Book and quill
  21. Rocket
  22. Nether brick
  23. Prismarine shard
  24. Prismarine crystals
  25. Rabbit hide
  26. Chorus fruit
  27. Beetroot seeds

Misc 4 shulker box inventory

  1. Shulker shell
  2. Iron nugget
  3. Nautilus shell
  4. Heart of the sea
  5. Banner pattern
  6. Honeycomb
  7. Music disc
  8. Bucket of tropical fish

Builds 1 shulker box inventory

  1. Stone
  2. Stone
  3. Stone
  4. Stone
  5. Stone
  6. Stone
  7. Stone
  8. Stone
  9. Stone
  10. Stone
  11. Glass
  12. Glass
  13. Glass
  14. Glass
  15. Glass
  16. Glass
  17. Glass
  18. Dirt
  19. Dirt
  20. Dirt
  21. Dirt
  22. Dirt
  23. Magma block
  24. Magma block
  25. Magma block
  26. Magma block
  27. Spruce planks

Builds 2 shulker box inventory

  1. Spruce planks
  2. Spruce planks
  3. Spruce planks
  4. Stone bricks
  5. Stone bricks
  6. Stone bricks
  7. Stone bricks
  8. Smooth stone slab
  9. Smooth stone slab
  10. Smooth stone slab
  11. Smooth stone slab
  12. Smooth stone
  13. Smooth stone
  14. Smooth stone
  15. Smooth stone
  16. Polished blackstone bricks
  17. Polished blackstone bricks
  18. Polished blackstone bricks
  19. Spruce slab
  20. Spruce slab
  21. Spruce slab
  22. Obsidian
  23. Obsidian
  24. Oak planks
  25. Oak planks
  26. Birch planks
  27. Spruce planks

Builds 3 shulker box inventory

  1. Jungle planks
  2. Acacia planks
  3. Oak planks
  4. Crimson planks
  5. Warped planks
  6. Acacia logs
  7. Oak logs
  8. Spruce logs
  9. Netherrack
  10. Nether bricks
  11. Soul sand
  12. Cobblestone
  13. Mossy cobblestone
  14. Sandstone
  15. Smooth sandstone
  16. Cut sandstone
  17. Sand
  18. White concrete
  19. Green concrete
  20. Light blue concrete
  21. Gray concrete
  22. Orange concrete
  23. Lime concrete
  24. Red concrete
  25. Purple concrete
  26. Brown concrete
  27. Black concrete

Builds 4 shulker box inventory

  1. Yellow concrete
  2. Light gray concrete
  3. Blue stained glass
  4. Black stained glass
  5. White stained glass
  6. Brown stained glass
  7. Yellow stained glass
  8. Tinted glass
  9. Terracotta
  10. Blue terracotta
  11. Orange terracotta
  12. Green terracotta
  13. White terracotta
  14. Yellow terracotta
  15. Cyan terracotta
  16. Bricks
  17. Block of quartz
  18. Deepslate bricks
  19. Cobbled deepslate
  20. Deepslate tiles
  21. Deepslate
  22. Polished deepslate
  23. Mossy stone bricks
  24. Bone block
  25. Andesite
  26. Tuff
  27. Calcite

Builds 5 shulker box inventory

  1. Smooth quartz block
  2. Quartz pillar
  3. Chiseled quartz block
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Carved pumpkin
  6. Jack o’lantern
  7. Melon
  8. Stripped spruce log
  9. Stripped birch log
  10. Stripped acacia log
  11. Stripped oak log
  12. Stripped warped log
  13. Blackstone
  14. Polished blackstone
  15. Grass block
  16. Podzol
  17. Mycelium
  18. Crimson nylium
  19. Warped nylium
  20. Coarse dirt
  21. Jungle wood
  22. Dark oak wood
  23. Stripped birch wood
  24. Stripped oak wood
  25. Stripped dark oak wood
  26. Granite
  27. Polished granite

Builds 6 shulker box inventory

  1. Glowstone
  2. Sea lantern
  3. White wool
  4. Light blue wool
  5. Purple wool
  6. Blue wool
  7. Wet sponge
  8. Sponge
  9. Polished basalt
  10. Basalt
  11. Polished andesite
  12. Chiseled stone bricks
  13. Cracked stone bricks
  14. End stone
  15. End stone bricks
  16. Prismarine
  17. Dark prismarine
  18. Soul sand
  19. Hay bale
  20. Block of iron
  21. Block of Amethyst
  22. Ice
  23. Packed ice
  24. Blue ice
  25. Snow block
  26. Composter
  27. Bookshelves

Builds 7 shulker box inventory

  1. Ancient debris
  2. Cobblestone stairs
  3. Stone stairs
  4. Stone brick stairs
  5. Diorite stairs
  6. Granite stairs
  7. Polished granite stairs
  8. Brick stairs
  9. Prismarine stairs
  10. Quartz stairs
  11. Smooth quartz stairs
  12. Polished blackstone brick stairs
  13. Polished blackstone stairs
  14. Dark oak stairs
  15. Jungle stairs
  16. Spruce stairs
  17. Oak stairs
  18. Birch stairs
  19. Acacia stairs
  20. Crimson stairs
  21. Warped stairs
  22. Smooth sandstone stairs
  23. Sandstone stairs
  24. Polished deepslate stairs
  25. Dark prismarine stairs
  26. Andesite stairs
  27. Polished andesite stairs

Builds 8 shulker box inventory

  1. Deepslate brick stairs
  2. Cobblestone slab
  3. Mossy cobblestone slab
  4. Stone slab
  5. Stone brick slab
  6. Mossy stone brick slab
  7. Andesite slab
  8. Polished andesite slab
  9. Granite slab
  10. Polished granite slab
  11. Blackstone slab
  12. Polished blackstone brick slab
  13. Polished blackstone slab
  14. Brick slab
  15. Deepslate brick slab
  16. Deepslate tile slab
  17. Jungle slab
  18. Acacia slab
  19. Birch slab
  20. Oak slab
  21. Dark oak slab
  22. Crimson slab
  23. Quartz slab
  24. Smooth quartz slab
  25. Smooth sandstone slab
  26. Dark prismarine slab
  27. Waxed oxidized cut copper slab

Decoration 1 shulker box inventory

  1. Chest
  2. Chest
  3. Scaffolding
  4. Oak fence
  5. Spruce fence
  6. Dark oak fence
  7. Jungle fence
  8. Birch fence
  9. Acacia fence
  10. Crimson fence
  11. Nether brick fence
  12. White carpet
  13. Purple carpet
  14. Brown carpet
  15. Magenta carpet
  16. Gray carpet
  17. Black carpet
  18. Light gray carpet
  19. Orange carpet
  20. Cyan carpet
  21. Yellow carpet
  22. Red carpet
  23. Green carpet
  24. Blue carpet
  25. Lime carpet
  26. Red mushroom block
  27. Brown mushroom block

Decoration 2 shulker box inventory

  1. Painting
  2. Item frame
  3. Oak sign
  4. Dark oak sign
  5. Spruce sign
  6. Brich sign
  7. Campfire
  8. Soul campfire
  9. Chain
  10. Lantern
  11. Soul lantern
  12. Oak leaves
  13. Jungle leaves
  14. Acacia leaves
  15. Spruce leaves
  16. Birch leaves
  17. Dark oak leaves
  18. Azalea leaves
  19. Flowering azalea leaves
  20. Moss block
  21. Cactus
  22. Weeping vine
  23. Vines
  24. Bamboo
  25. Kelp
  26. Sugar cane
  27. Grass

Decoration 3 shulker box inventory

  1. Dark oak sapling
  2. Acacia sapling
  3. Jungle sapling
  4. Oak sapling
  5. Spruce sapling
  6. Fern
  7. Large fern
  8. Dead bush
  9. Sea pickle
  10. Glow lichen
  11. Big dripleaf
  12. Spore blossom
  13. Sunflower
  14. Oxeye daisy
  15. Dandelion
  16. Azure bluet
  17. Rose bush
  18. Lilac
  19. Peony
  20. Blue orchid
  21. Allium
  22. Cornflower
  23. Lily of the valley
  24. Orange tulip
  25. Red tulip
  26. Pink tulip
  27. Wither rose

Decoration 4 shulker box inventory

  1. Crimson roots
  2. Nether sprouts
  3. Crimson fungus
  4. Warped fungus
  5. Brown mushroom
  6. Red mushroom
  7. Chorus flower
  8. Seagrass
  9. Dead horn coral fan
  10. Cobweb
  11. Flower pot
  12. Green bed
  13. Purple bed
  14. White bed
  15. Magenta bed
  16. Cyan bed
  17. Yellow bed
  18. Gray bed
  19. Brown bed
  20. Black bed
  21. Light blue bed
  22. Light gray bed
  23. Red bed
  24. Anvil
  25. Bee nest
  26. Beehive
  27. Iron bars

Decoration 5 shulker box inventory

  1. Glass pane
  2. White stained glass pane
  3. Light blue stained glass pane
  4. Orange stained glass pane
  5. Black stained glass pane
  6. Blue stained glass pane
  7. Lime stained glass pane
  8. Green stained glass pane
  9. Gray stained glass pane
  10. Light gray stained glass pane
  11. Pink banner
  12. Gray banner
  13. Yellow banner
  14. Blue banner
  15. White banner
  16. Purple banner
  17. Fletching table
  18. Loom
  19. Smoker
  20. Barrel
  21. Cartography table
  22. Smithing table
  23. Grindstone
  24. Stonecutter
  25. Blast furnace
  26. Crafting table
  27. Furnace

Decoration 6 shulker box inventory

  1. Mossy stone brick wall
  2. Stone brick wall
  3. Cobblestone wall
  4. Brick wall
  5. Deepslate tile wall
  6. Andesite wall
  7. Mossy stone brick wall
  8. Diorite wall
  9. Shroomlight
  10. Purple candle
  11. End rod
  12. Torch
  13. Pointed dripstone
  14. Amethyst cluster
  15. Mushroom stem
  16. Gray glazed terracotta
  17. Jukebox
  18. Enchanting table
  19. Ender chest
  20. Bell
  21. Ladder
  22. Armor stand
  23. Snow

The 141 Greatest Movies of All Time

  1. Citizen Kane
  2. The Godfather
  3. Casablanca
  4. Psycho
  5. Singin’ in the Rain
  6. Some Like It Hot
  7. Vertigo
  8. Apocalypse Now
  9. Rear Window
  10. Taxi Driver
  11. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  12. City Lights
  13. Double Indemnity
  14. North by Northwest
  15. Pulp Fiction
  16. Schindler’s List
  17. Alien
  18. All About Eve
  19. Blade Runner
  20. Chinatown
  21. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worry and Love the Bomb
  22. Gone with the Wind
  23. Goodfellas
  24. It’s a Wonderful Life
  25. Lawrence of Arabia
  26. Mad Max: Fury Road
  27. Modern Times
  28. Raging Bull
  29. Seven Samurai
  30. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope
  31. The Dark Knight
  32. The Godfather: Part II
  33. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  34. The Maltese Falcon
  35. The Searchers
  36. Toy Story
  37. 12 Angry Men
  38. 12 Years a Slave
  39. Back to the Future
  40. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  41. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
  42. It Happened One Night
  43. Rocky (1976)
  44. Saving Private Ryan
  45. Sunset Boulevard
  46. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  47. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  48. The Shawshank Redemption
  49. The Silence of the Lambs
  50. The Third Man
  51. The Wizard of Oz
  52. There Will Be Blood
  53. Battleship Potemkin
  54. Bicycle Thieves
  55. Boyhood
  56. Die Hard
  57. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
  58. Fargo
  59. Forrest Gump
  60. Gravity
  61. Inside Out
  62. Jaws
  63. L.A. Confidential
  64. Metropolis
  65. Moonlight
  66. Mulholland Drive
  67. Nashville
  68. No Country for Old Men
  69. On the Waterfront
  70. Once Upon a Time in the West
  71. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  72. Pan’s Labyrinth
  73. Parasite
  74. Rashomon
  75. Snow White and The Seven Dwarves
  76. Spirited Away
  77. The Apartment
  78. The Battle of Algiers
  79. The Grapes of Wrath
  80. The Shining
  81. The Treasure of Sierra Madre
  82. The Wild Bunch
  83. A Clockwork Orange
  84. A Streetcar Name Desire
  85. Aliens
  86. Amadeus
  87. Andrei Rublev
  88. Annie Hall
  89. Barry Lyndon
  90. Bonnie and Clyde
  91. Brokeback Mountain
  92. Dunkirk
  93. Fantasia
  94. Finding Nemo
  95. Get Out
  96. Good Will Hunting
  97. Heat
  98. In the Mood for Love
  99. King Kong
  100. La Grande illusion
  101. La La Land
  102. M
  103. Manchester by the Sea
  104. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  105. My Fair Lady
  106. Notorious
  107. Persona
  108. Pinocchio
  109. Platoon
  110. Roma
  111. Seven
  112. Shadow of a Doubt
  113. Spotlight
  114. Stagecoach
  115. Stand by Me
  116. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back
  117. The 400 Blows
  118. The Best Years of Our Lives
  119. The Deer Hunter
  120. The Exorcist
  121. The General
  122. The Graduate
  123. The Irishman
  124. The Lion King
  125. The Manchurian Candidate
  126. The Matrix
  127. The Night of the Hunter
  128. The Passion of Joan of Arc
  129. The Philadelphia Story
  130. The Princess Bride
  131. The Seventh Seal
  132. The Social Network
  133. The Thing
  134. The Truman Show
  135. Titanic
  136. To Kill a Mockingbird
  137. Tokyo Story
  138. Touch of Evil
  139. WALL-E
  140. West Side Story
  141. Whiplash

The 186 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

  1. The Sopranos
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. The Wire
  5. Arrested Development
  6. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  7. Deadwood
  8. Mad Men
  9. Seinfeld
  10. Six Feet Under
  11. South Park
  12. The Office (US)
  13. The Simpsons
  14. The Twilight Zone
  15. The West Wing
  16. 24
  17. Band of Brothers
  18. Battlestar Galactica
  19. Friday Night Lights
  20. Friends
  21. Oz
  22. Twin Peaks
  23. Better Call Saul
  24. Boardwalk Empire
  25. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  26. Fargo
  27. Fawlty Towers
  28. Freaks and Geeks
  29. Justified
  30. Parks and Recreation
  31. Sherlock
  32. The Office (UK)
  33. 30 Rock
  34. All in the Family
  35. ER
  36. House
  37. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  38. Louie
  39. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  40. NYPD Blue
  41. Rick and Morty
  42. Saturday Night Live
  43. Sex and the City
  44. Star Trek: The Next Generation
  45. Star Trek: The Original Series
  46. The Americans
  47. The Shield
  48. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  49. Batman: The Animated Series
  50. Community
  51. Dexter
  52. Doctor Who (1963)
  53. Firefly
  54. Fleabag
  55. Frasier
  56. Hannibal
  57. Hill Street Blues
  58. House of Cards
  59. I Love Lucy
  60. Late Show with David Letterman
  61. Lost
  62. MAS*H
  63. Rome
  64. Roots
  65. Sons of Anarchy
  66. Stranger Things
  67. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  68. The Good Wife
  69. The Honeymooners
  70. The X-Files
  71. True Detective
  72. Westworld
  73. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  74. Big Little Lies
  75. Black Mirror
  76. Blackadder
  77. BoJack Horseman
  78. Chappelle’s Show
  79. Cheers
  80. Chernobyl
  81. Cowboy Bebop
  82. Doctor Who (2005)
  83. Downton Abbey
  84. Flight of the Conchords
  85. Homicide: Life on the Street
  86. I, Claudius
  87. Law & Order
  88. Line of Duty
  89. Lost
  90. Mindhunter
  91. Mystery Science Theater 3000
  92. Narcos
  93. Only Fools and Horses
  94. Orange is the New Black
  95. Peaky Blinders
  96. Peep Show
  97. Roseanne
  98. Sesame Street
  99. Shameless
  100. Silicon Valley
  101. Spaced
  102. The Andy Griffith Show
  103. The Crown
  104. The Expanse
  105. The Golden Girls
  106. The Handmaid’s Tale
  107. The Larry Sanders Show
  108. The Leftovers
  109. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  110. The Muppet Show
  111. The Prisoner
  112. The Shield
  113. The Thick of It
  114. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  115. The Walking Dead
  116. The Wonder Years
  117. The X-Files
  118. Veep
  119. Adventure Time
  120. Archer
  121. Atlanta
  122. Beavis and Butthead
  123. Black Books
  124. Broad City
  125. Brooklyn Nine-nine
  126. Columbo
  127. Daredevil
  128. Dark
  129. Death Note
  130. Detectorists
  131. Downtown Abbey
  132. Dragon Ball Z (1989)
  133. Father Ted
  134. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  135. Futurama
  136. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace
  137. Girls
  138. Good Times
  139. Gravity Falls
  140. Happy Valley
  141. Homeland
  142. How I Met Your Mother
  143. I’m Alan Partridge
  144. In Living Color
  145. Inside No. 9
  146. Killing Eve
  147. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  148. Life On Mars
  149. Lonesome Dove
  150. Modern Family
  151. Mr. Robot
  152. Mr. Show with Bob and David
  153. My So-Called Life
  154. Northern Exposure
  155. Planet Earth
  156. Scrubs
  157. Soap
  158. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  159. Succession
  160. Taxi
  161. The Blue Planet
  162. The Bob Newhart Show
  163. The Boys
  164. The Bridge
  165. The Colbert Report
  166. The Cosby Show
  167. The Dick Van Dyke Show
  168. The Fugitive
  169. The Good Place
  170. The Grand Tour
  171. The Haunting of Hill House
  172. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
  173. The Mandalorian
  174. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  175. The Newsroom
  176. The Odd Couple
  177. The Punisher
  178. The Queen’s Gambit
  179. The Real World
  180. The Rockford Files
  181. The Vietnam War
  182. Thirtysomething
  183. This is Us
  184. Transparent
  185. Twin Peaks (2017)
  186. Will & Grace

The 151 Greatest Documentaries of All Time

  1. Capturing the Friedmans
  2. Man on Wire
  3. Hoop Dreams
  4. The Act of Killing
  5. The Fog of War
  6. I Am Not Your Negro
  7. Citizenfour
  8. F for Fake
  9. Grizzly Man
  10. Shoah
  11. The Last Waltz
  12. The Look of Silence
  13. The Up Series (1964-2019)
  14. This is Not a Film
  15. Waltz with Bashir
  16. 13th
  17. Amy
  18. Collective (Colectiv)
  19. Crumb
  20. Dick Johnson is Dead
  21. Grey Gardens
  22. Minding the Gap
  23. Nostalgia for the Light
  24. When We Were Kings
  25. Bill Cunningham New York
  26. Blackfish
  27. Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back
  28. Bowling for Columbine
  29. Faces Places (Visages, villages)
  30. Harlan County U.S.A.
  31. How to Survive a Plague
  32. Inside Job
  33. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  34. Kedi
  35. Life Itself
  36. Murderball
  37. Night and Fog
  38. Paris is Burning
  39. Stop Making Sense
  40. Stories We Tell
  41. The Missing Picture
  42. The Overnighters
  43. The Thin Blue Line
  44. Tower
  45. Twenty Feet From Stardom
  46. We Were Here
  47. Weiner
  48. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
  49. Amazing Grace
  50. Apollo 11
  51. Deliver Us From Evil
  52. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
  53. Exit Through the Gift Shop
  54. For Sama
  55. Free Solo
  56. Gimmie Shelter
  57. Honeyland
  58. Jane
  59. Koyaanisqatsi
  60. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
  61. Last Train Home
  62. Nanook of the North
  63. O.J.: Made in America
  64. Portrait of Jason
  65. Rewind
  66. Salesman
  67. Searching for Sugar Man
  68. Spellbound
  69. The Battle of Chile
  70. The Decline of Western Civilization
  71. The Gleaners & I
  72. The Square (Al Midan)
  73. The Times of Harvey Milk
  74. Time
  75. Virunga
  76. When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Parts
  77. Woodstock (1970)
  78. 4 Little Girls
  79. A Grin Without a Cat
  80. Afghan Star
  81. American Factory
  82. American Movie
  83. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
  84. Bisbee ’17
  85. Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds
  86. Brother’s Keeper
  87. Burden of Dreams
  88. Cameraperson
  89. Chronicle of a Summer
  90. Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution
  91. David Byrne’s American Utopia
  92. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
  93. Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me
  94. Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone
  95. Ex Libris: New York Public Library
  96. Fire at Sea
  97. Gleason
  98. Gunda
  99. Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse
  100. Histoire(s) du cinema
  101. I Called Him Morgan
  102. Iris
  103. Jane Fonda in Five Acts
  104. Jodorowsky’s Dune
  105. Kate Plays Christine
  106. Lake of Fire
  107. Leviathan
  108. Listen to Me Marlon
  109. Los Angeles Plays Itself
  110. Man with a Movie Camera
  111. March of the Penguins
  112. McQueen
  113. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
  114. Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.
  115. My Journey Through French Cinema
  116. My Voyage to Italy
  117. No End in Sight
  118. No Home Movie
  119. One Child Nation
  120. One More Time with Feeling
  121. Original Cast Album: Company
  122. Pina
  123. Project Nim
  124. Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time
  125. Roger & Me
  126. Sans Soleil
  127. Senna
  128. Seymour: An Introduction
  129. Sherman’s March
  130. Sherpa
  131. Shirkers
  132. Sound City
  133. Taxi to the Dark Side
  134. The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu
  135. The Beaches of Agnes
  136. The Central Park Five
  137. The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On
  138. The Farthest
  139. The Gatekeepers
  140. The Interrupters
  141. The Invisible War
  142. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
  143. The Sorrow and the Pity
  144. The Tillman Story
  145. They Shall Not Grow Old
  146. Three Identical Strangers
  147. Titicut Follies
  148. To Be and to Have
  149. Waste Land
  150. Welcome to Chechnya
  151. Welfare

The 151 Greatest Comedies of All Time

  1. Shaun Of The Dead
  2. Best In Show
  3. Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy
  4. Bridesmaids
  5. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
  6. Ghostbusters (1984)
  7. Duck Soup
  8. Airplane!
  9. Team America: World Police
  10. M*A*S*H
  11. Mean Girls
  12. Young Frankenstein
  13. Monty Python’S Life of Brian
  14. The General
  15. National Lampoon’s Animal House
  16. Blazing Saddles
  17. Groundhog Day
  18. Dr Strangelove or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb
  19. The Big Lebowski
  20. Some Like It Hot
  21. When Harry Met Sally
  22. Napoleon Dynamite
  23. Step Brothers
  24. Office Space
  25. Superbad
  26. The Producers (1967)
  27. Annie Hall
  28. Trading Places
  29. The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad!
  30. Coming to America
  31. The Jerk
  32. This is Spinal Tap
  33. Modern Times
  34. Monty Python and The Holy Grail
  35. In the Loop
  36. The 40 Year Old Virgin
  37. School of Rock
  38. Tootsie
  39. Harold and Maude
  40. Arsenic and Old Lace
  41. There’s Something About Mary
  42. Friday
  43. Hot Fuzz
  44. Planes, Trains And Automobiles
  45. A Fish Called Wanda
  46. The Philadelphia Story
  47. Raising Arizona
  48. Clueless
  49. His Girl Friday
  50. Withnail and I
  51. The Blues Brothers
  52. Bringing Up Baby
  53. The Apartment
  54. The Princess Bride
  55. It Happened One Night
  56. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
  57. Safety Last!
  58. Wet Hot American Summer
  59. In Bruges
  60. The Birdcage
  61. Wayne’s World
  62. Dumb and Dumber
  63. The Odd Couple
  64. What We Do in the Shadows
  65. Sullivan’s Travels
  66. Caddyshack
  67. The Great Dictator
  68. Rushmore
  69. The Royal Tenenbaums
  70. Blockers
  71. Mrs. Doubtfire
  72. Four Lions
  73. Dazed And Confused
  74. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  75. Idiocracy
  76. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
  77. Zoolander
  78. Happy Gilmore
  79. 21 Jump Street (2012)
  80. Broadcast News
  81. Lost In America
  82. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  83. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  84. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
  85. National Lampoon’s Vacation
  86. Galaxy Quest
  87. Meet The Parents
  88. Girls Trip
  89. Booksmart
  90. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  91. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  92. Sherlock Jr.
  93. The Hangover
  94. Elf
  95. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
  96. Clerks
  97. The Lady Eve
  98. What’s Up, Doc?
  99. A Night at the Opera
  100. City Lights
  101. Kind Hearts and Coronets
  102. Waiting for Guffman
  103. Top Secret!
  104. Sons of the Desert
  105. Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday
  106. The Gold Rush
  107. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  108. Game Night
  109. Scary Movie (2000)
  110. Big
  111. Tommy Boy
  112. Super Troopers
  113. Road To Morocco
  114. Up In Smoke
  115. American Pie
  116. Legally Blonde
  117. It’S A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
  118. House Party
  119. City Slickers
  120. Stripes
  121. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
  122. Clue
  123. Spy
  124. Spaceballs
  125. Being There
  126. Kung Fu Hustle
  127. Beverly Hills Cop
  128. The Graduate
  129. The King of Comedy
  130. The Music Box
  131. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  132. The Nutty Professor (1963)
  133. Love and Death
  134. Toni Erdmann
  135. Pulp Fiction
  136. Singin’ in the Rain
  137. Little Miss Sunshine
  138. Old School
  139. The Death of Stalin
  140. Midnight Run
  141. The Pink Panther
  142. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  143. Bad Santa
  144. A Christmas Story
  145. This is the End
  146. I Heart Huckabees
  147. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  148. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
  149. Punch-Drunk Love
  150. Frances Ha
  151. The Lego Movie

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #91-100

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

91. Centennial Trail, Twin Rivers County Park 47.9193, -122.0868

31.3 miles point to point – 8 hrs 52 min – best time to visit: year-round

92. Washington Park Trail, Washington Park 48.4991, -122.6927

2.3 miles loop – 39 min – best time to visit: year-round

93. The Washington Park Arboretum, Washington Park 47.6416, -122.2905

3.5 miles loop – 1 hr – best time to visit: year-round

94. Watershed Park Trail, Watershed Trail Park 47.0285, -122.8891

1.4 miles loop – 24 min – best time to visit: year-round

95. Umtanum Creek Falls Trail, Wenas Wildlife Area 46.8996, -120.6435

1.9 miles out and back – 32 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: May-Oct

96. Whatcom Creek Trail Loop, Whatcom Falls Park 48.7525, -122.4280

4 miles loop – 1 hr 8 min – best time to visit: year-round

97. Whipple Creek Park Loop Trail, Whipple Creek Park 45.7451, -122.6950

2.1 miles loop – 36 min – best time to visit: year-round

98. Bellevue Botanical Park and Wilburton Hill Park, Willburton Hill Park 47.6101, -122.1749

1.9 miles loop – 32 min – best time to visit: year-round

99. Woodard Bay Loop Trail, Woodard Bay Natural Resources Conservation Area 47.1269, -122.8538

2.3 miles loop – 39 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: March-Sept

100. Alki Trail to Hamilton Viewpoint and Seacrest Parks, Alki Beach Park 47.5821, -122.3712

7.6 miles loop – 2 hrs 9 min – best time to visit: year-round

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #81-90

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

81. Trillium Trail and Siler’s Mill Trail, Redmond Watershed Preserve 47.6968, -122.0515

4.3 miles loop – 1 hr 13 min – best time to visit: year-round

82. Bowl and Pitcher Loop Trail, Riverside State Park 47.6962, -117.4941

2 miles loop – 34 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: year-round

83. Painted Rocks Nature Trail, Riverside State Park 47.7828, -117.4966

3.3 miles loop – 56 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: March-Nov

84. Trail 25 and Centennial Trail, Riverside State Park 47.7763, -117.5466

3.7 miles loop – 1 hr 3 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: year-round

85. Salmon Creek Trail, Salmon Creek Park 47.4896, -122.3593

5.9 miles loop – 1 hr 40 min – best time to visit: year-round

86. Seward Park Perimeter Loop, Seward Park 47.5499, -122.2577

2.6 miles loop – 44 min – best time to visit: year-round

87. Soaring Eagle Park Trail, Soaring Eagle Regional Park 47.6119, -121.9907

5 miles loop – 1 hr 25 min – best time to visit: year-round

88. Echo Peak Loop Trail, Spring Lake/Lake Desire Park 47.4369, -122.0940

2.4 miles loop – 41 min – best time to visit: year-round

89. Swan Creek Trail, Swan Creek Park 47.2268, -122.3891

3.9 miles loop – 1 hr 6 min – best time to visit: year-round

90. Tradition Lake Loop Trail, Tiger Mountain State Forest 47.5296, -121.9957

3.7 miles loop – 1 hr 3 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: year-round

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #71-80

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

71. Marymere Falls Trail, Olympic National Park 48.0581, -123.7889

1.7 miles out and back – 29 min – best time to visit: year-round

72. Marymere Falls Trail from Lake Crescent Lodge, Olympic National Park 48.0581, -123.7889

2 miles out and back – 34 min – best time to visit: April-Oct

73. Staircase Rapids Loop, Olympic National Park 48.057, -123.8000

2.1 miles out and back – 36 min – takes National Park Pass – best time to visit: year-round

74. Devil’s Punchbowl via Spruce Railroad Trail, Olympic National Park 48.0830° N, 123.7877° W

2.4 miles out and back – 41 min – best time to visit: year-round

75. Spruce Nature Trail and Hall of Mosses Loop, Olympic National Park 47.8536, -123.9512

2.9 miles loop – 49 min – takes National Park Pass – best time to visit: April-Oct

76. Hoh River Trail to Mineral Creek Falls, Olympic National Park 47.8597, -123.9337

5.5 miles loop – 1 hr 33 min – best time to visit: year-round

77. Spruce Railroad Trail: Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park 48.0933, -123.8025

11.2 miles loop – 3 hrs 10 min – best time to visit: year-round

78. Trail 121: Waterfall Loop, Palisades Park 47.6672, -117.4876

1.1 miles loop – 19 min – best time to visit: year-round

79. Paradise Valley Conservation Area Trail, Paradise Valley Conseration Area 47.7898, -122.0819

4.6 miles loop – 1 hr 18 min – best time to visit: March-Oct

80. Ellis Cove Trail, Priest Point Park 47.0697, -122.8943

1.5 miles loop – 26 min – best time to visit: March-Oct

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #61-70

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

61. Lake Ann Trail, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest 47.4369, -120.9373

3.4 miles out and back – 58 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: July-Sept

62. Sheep Lake Trail, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest 46.8911, -121.5057

5 miles out and back – 1 hr 25 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: July-Oct

63. Pete Lake, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest 47.4350, -121.1855

9 miles out and back – 2 hrs 33 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: May-Nov

64. Lower Big Quilcene to Notch Pass Trail Junction, Olympic National Forest 47.7835, -122.9651

5.6 miles out and back – 1 hr 35 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: year-round

65. Madison Falls Trail, Olympic National Park 48.0456, -123.5894

0.2 miles out and back – 3 min – best time to visit: year-round

66. Sunrise View Point via High Ridge Nature Trail, Olympic National Park 47.9700, -123.4950

0.9 miles loop – 15 min – takes National Park Pass – best time to visit: June-Oct

67. Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail, Olympic National Park 47.4602, -123.8614

0.9 miles loop – 15 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: March-Oct

68. Hoh Rain Forest Hall of Mosses, Olympic National Park 47.8605, -123.9348

1.1 miles loop – 19 min – takes National Park Pass – best time to visit: year-round

69. Cirque Rim to Sunrise View Point Trail, Olympic National Park 47.9700, -123.4950

1.2 miles loop – 20 min – takes National Park Pass – best time to visit: June-Oct

70. Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park 47.7099, -124.4136

1.4 miles loop – 24 min – best time to visit: year-round

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #51-60

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

51. Carter Falls, Mount Rainier National Park 46.7662, -121.7927

2.6 miles out and back – 44 min – takes National Parks Pass – best time to visit: year-round

52. Shadow Lakes Trail, Mount Rainier National Park 46.9146, -121.6423

2.6 miles out and back – 44 min – takes National Parks Pass – best time to visit: April-Oct

53. Glacier Vista Loop via Skyline Trail, Mount Rainier National Park 46.7860, -121.7350

2.6 miles out and back – 44 min – takes National Parks Pass – best time to visit: July-Oct

54. Frozen Lake via Sourdough Ridge Trail, Mount Rainier National Park 46.9146, -121.6423

2.9 miles out and back – 49 min – takes National Parks Pass – best time to visit: June-Oct

55. Nisqually Estuary Boardwalk and Twin Barns Trail, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge 47.0688, -122.7129

4.5 miles out and back – 1 hr 17 min – takes Refuge Entrance Pass – best time to visit: year-round

56. Trail of the Cedars Nature Walk, North Cascades National Park 48.6760, -121.2433

1.9 miles loop – 32 min – best time to visit: year-round

57. Ancient Lake Trail, North Columbia Basin State Wildlife Recreation Area 47.1519, -119.9223

4.6 miles loop – 1 hr 18 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: March-Sept

58. Red Top Lookout Trail, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest 47.2970, -120.7596

1 mile out and back – 17 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: June-Oct

59. Rainy Lake Trail, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest 48.5150, -120.7355

2 miles out and back – 34 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: July-Oct

60. Old Pipeline Bed Trail, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest 47.5871, -120.7076

2.4 miles out and back – 41 min – best time to visit: year-round

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #41-50

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

41. Franklin Falls Trail, Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest 47.4131, -121.4428

2 miles out and back – 34 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: year-round

42. Barclay Lake Trail, Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest 47.7923, -121.4592

4.3 miles out and back – 1 hr 13 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: May-Oct

43. Greenwater Lakes Trail, Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest 47.1059, -121.4751

4.9 miles out and back – 1 hr 23 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: year-round

44. Pratt River Trail, Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest 47.5480, -121.5384

6.5 miles out and back – 1 hr 51 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: April-Oct

45. John Wayne Pioneer Trail (Snoqualmie Tunnel), Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest 47.3930, -121.3928

8.4 miles out and back – 2 hrs 23 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: May-Oct

46. Goldmyer Hot Springs Trail, Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest 47.5001, -121.4467

11.1 miles out and back – 3 hrs 9 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: May-Oct

47. Heather Meadows and Artists Point Trail, Mount Baker Wilderness 48.8498, -121.6849

2.9 miles loop – 49 min – best time to visit: March-Oct

48. Myrtle Falls Viewpoint via Skyline Trail, Mount Rainier National Park 46.7861, -121.7359

0.8 miles loop – 14 min – takes National Park Pass – best time to visit: June-Oct

49. Nisqually Vista Trail, Mount Rainier National Park 46.7848, -121.7415

1.1 miles loop – 19 min – takes National Park Pass – best time to visit: June-Oct

50. Grove of the Patriarchs Nature Trail, Mount Rainier National Park 46.7580, -121.5576

1.2 miles loop – 20 min – takes National Park Pass – best time to visit: May-Sept

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #31-40

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

31. Lake to Lake Trail, Red Tape Trail, Palmer Trail to Round Lake Loop, Lacamas Creek Park 47.5935, -122.1156

3.7 miles loop – 1 hr 3 min – best time to visit: year-round

32. Hidden Lake Trail, Lake Wenatchee State Park 47.8216, -120.8064

1.9 miles loop – 32 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: April-Sept

33. Lake Wenatchee North: Summer Route, Lake Wenatchee State Park 47.8216, -120.8064

2.1 miles loop – 36 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: April-Nov

34. Cherry Creek Falls Trail, Marckworth Forest 47.7457, -121.9076

4.9 miles loop – 1 hr 23 min – best time to visit: year-round

35. Sammamish River Trail, Marymoor Park 47.6152, -122.0655

19 miles out and back – 5 hrs 23 min – best time to visit: year-round

36. Millersylvania Northwest Loop, Millersylvania State Park 46.9113, -122.9113

4.6 miles loop – 5 hrs 23 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: May-Nov

37. Moulton Falls, East Fork of the Lewis River Trail, Moulton Falls Park 45.8326, -122.3918

5.3 miles out and back – 1 hr 30 min – best time to visit: year-round

38. Big Four Ice Caves Trail, Mount Baker National Forest 48.0659, -121.5107

3.2 miles out and back – 1 hr 30 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: May-Oct

39. Deception Falls Interpretive Trail, Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest 47.7146, -121.1934

0.5 miles loop – 9 min – best time to visit: May-Oct

40. Gold Creek Pond Loop, Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest 47.4094, -121.3677

1.2 miles loop – 20 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: June-Oct

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #21-30

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

21. Snoqualmie Falls Trail, Fisher Creek Park 47.5437, -121.8370

1.6 miles out and back – 27 min – best time to visit: May-Oct

22. Panther Creek Falls Trail 137, Gifford Pinchot National Forest 45.8674, -121.8263

0.3 miles out and back – 5 min – best time to visit: April-Oct

23. June Lake Trail, Gifford Pinchot National Forest 46.1373, -122.1569

2.5 miles out and back – 43 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: May-Oct

24. Grand Forest Park Trail, Grand Forest West 47.6504, -122.5479

2.2 miles out and back – 43 min – best time to visit: year-round

25. Granite Falls (Fish Ladder) Trail, Granite Falls, Washington 48.6749, -121.2420

0.7 miles out and back – 12 min – best time to visit: March-Oct

26. Green Lake Trail, Green Lake Park 47.6690, -122.3401

2.8 miles loop – 48 min – best time to visit: year-round

27. Lake Fenwick, Kent, Washington 47.3682, -122.2730

2.7 miles out and back – 46 min – best time to visit: year-round

28. Soos Creek Trail, Kent, Washington 47.3896, -122.1515

11.5 miles out and back – 3 hrs 16 min – best time to visit: year-round

29. Kubota Garden Natural Area Trails, Kubota Garden 47.5128, -122.2657

0.8 miles out and back – 14 min – best time to visit: year-round

30. Woodburn Falls and Round Lake via Lake to Lake Trail, Lacamas Creek Park 45.6039, -122.4071

2.9 miles loop – 49 min – best time to visit: year-round

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #11-20

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

11. Coal Creek Trail, Coal Creek Natural Area 47.5542, -122.1666

5.1 miles out and back – 1 hr 27 min – best time to visit: year-round

12. Quinault Loop Trail, Colonel Bob Wilderness 47.4572, -123.7318

3.8 miles out and back – 1 hr 5 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: year-round

13. Coal Creek Falls loop via Red Town and Cave Hole Trail, Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park 47.5348, -122.1288

2.6 miles loop – 44 min – best time to visit: year-round

14. Cave Hole, Coal Creek Falls, Quarry, and Fred’s Railroad Trail Loop, Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park 47.5345, -122.1285

3 miles loop – 51 min – best time to visit: May-Oct

15. Cougar Mountain Indian Trail, Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park 47.5094817, -122.1161259

3 miles out and back – 51 min – best time to visit: April-Oct

16. Dash Point Trail, Dash Point State Park 47.3183, -122.4074

4.4 miles loop – 1 hr 15 min – best time to visit: year-round

17. Discovery Park and Lighthouse Loop Trail, Discovery Park 47.6576, -122.4065

4.4 miles loop – 1 hr 15 min – best time to visit: May-Dec

18. Dungeness Spit Trail, Dungeness Recreation Area 48.1413, -123.1905

10.2 miles out and back – 2 hrs 53 min – best time to visit: year-round

19. Sequalitchew Creek Trail, Dupont, Washington 47.1064, -122.6472

3 miles out and back – 51 min – best time to visit: March-Oct

20. Blackbird Island Trail, Enhancement Park 47.5939, -120.6627

2 miles loop – 34 min – best time to visit: year-round

The Best Day Hikes of Washington State, #1-10

The following is a list of top 100 easy hiking trails in Washington state, in order by region and then length of trail.

  1. Icicle Gorge Trail, Alpine Lakes Wilderness 47.6086, -120.8945

4.5 miles loop – 1 hr 17 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: March-Oct

extra_large_6aa3adbcf8b8f29b604ae65d6528c664 (1)

2. Coyote Loop Trail, Bridle Trails State Park 47.6550, -122.1843

3.6 miles loop – 1 hr 1 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: year-round

large_9bad2a8b66de6cc25bae9f44958ca5cc (1)

3. Rocky Brook Falls, Brinnon, Washington 47.7092, -122.9205

0.3 miles out and back – 5 min – best time to visit: March-Oct


4. McLane Creek Woods Trail, Capitol State Forest 47.0008, -123.0042

2.1 miles loop – 36 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: March-Oct

5. Mima Falls East Trail, Capitol State Forest 46.9019, -123.0640

4.7 miles out and back – 1 hr 20 min – takes Discover Pass – best time to visit: year-round

6. Little Mashel Falls Trail via Bud Blancher Trail, Charles L Pack Experimental Forest 46.8647, -122.2576

4.6 miles loop – 1 hr 18 min – best time to visit: year-round

7. Little Mashel Falls Trail, Charles L Pack Experimental Forest 46.8436, -122.3122

5 miles out and back – 1 hr 25 min – best time to visit: March-Oct

8. Clark’s Creek Trail, Clarks Creek Park 47.1806, -122.3161

2.2 miles loop – 37 min – best time to visit: year-round

9. Skookum Flats Trail, Clearwater Wilderness 47.0490, -121.5700

4.3 miles out and back – 1 hr 13 min – takes Northwest Forest Pass – best time to visit: March-Nov

10. Coal Creek and Primrose Trail Loop from Lakemont Blvd, Coal Creek Natural Area 47.5542, -122.1666

3.6 miles out and back – 1 hr 1 min – best time to visit: April-Oct

I Cook and Review Recipes from Cookbooks

Baked fish.


Yeah right.

This was actually a breaded salmon recipe but the only free photos were of raw fish.

It was a… strange process. This recipe involves these things: eggs, a little milk, crushed Italian-style croutons, Italian seasonings and then lemon wedges and horseradish sauce for toppings.

First, you mix your wet ingredients in a bowl. Eggs, milk, and… well that’s it.

Next, you crush up your croutons with a pastry cutter. Which I have been using A LOT. I used it for crushing butter into flour for biscuits and smashing Fritos. There’s something very satisfying about crushing.

Third, take your crouton crumbs, Italian seasonings, and… well that’s it.

Then this is the weirdest part: you dip the salmon into the egg and milk mixture, and then press the breading into the egg coated salmon. How weird is that?

Then I baked it.

4.5 out of 5 stars. Because I don’t really like fish that much.



Applesauce bars.


It’s a cake.

Look, I don’t like being played for a fool. These, “applesauce bars” are not bars at all. This is a fucking cake.

5 out of 5 stars.



Freeze-your-own herbed vegetable blend.


Now that’s what I’m talking about.

This recipe? 4.5 out of 5 stars. Pretty good, right? Well it’s kind of hard to fuck up putting something in the freezer.

But I did.

The recipe involved a lot of prep. I was cutting vegetables and blanching them. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the cooking term, “cutting,” it’s when you take a knife and with a loose wrist, chop at the vegetable until it’s cut into tiny pieces but not so tiny it’s liquid.

After prepping and blanching the vegetables, I made butter. I mean, I didn’t churn it in one of those wooden buckets with a mop, but I melted a stick of butter or two, (throwing off the lawyers once again, heh heh) and then I added a bunch of herbs and spices to it. I made mine Italian-style. With Italian herbs.

I boiled corn for this.

Then I took the butter and put it in a freezer bag. A small one. And then I put that bag in the freezer for a while. Maybe an hour?

After the butter got more solid and the vegetables were done blanching, I cut the butter into little pats and put them in an even BIGGER freezer bag. I mixed up the pats of butter and the vegetables and then shoved the bags into the freezer.

The only problem is that later when I used these frozen vegetables to eat with some dinner meat, it tasted like there was no salt in anything! So I had to add salt. Not the end of the world, though. People in the world are living in extreme poverty, I can handle adding a little salt to my dinner.



Angel food cake.


This is what an angel food cake is supposed to look like.

4 out of 5 stars.

One thing about this recipe is that it tasted very good. Another thing about this recipe is I waited too long to make the icing and the cake went stale.

This cake involved taking powdered sugar and mixing it with something and I just killed it with my electric mixer. Also powdered sugar went flying everywhere all over the kitchen because I don’t know what I’m doing. It smelled so good though. The final result.

This recipe has only a few ingredients. You probably have them in your house. I can’t say what they are because I might get sued.


Eggplant parmigiana.


I actually did take this picture. It turned out kinda cool, right?

4.5 OUT OF 5 STARS! This almost turned out perfect except for a few snags along the way:

  1. I undercooked the eggplant a little.
  2. The top was browned but the eggplant was not completely cooked in the middle.

But goddamn if it didn’t taste good anyway. The taste makes up for the fact that I ruined it.

Next time I would lower the temperature from 400 degrees to something else. Maybe 350 degrees? 375? I don’t know. I’ll keep trying. I’ll never give up on this. Not now. Not ever.


Bean and beef enchilada casserole.


Beautiful lighting.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

This one was pretty good, guys. This recipe had a normal amount of ingredients for an enchilada casserole. And it was pretty easy to make too. Just gently, carefully, and lovingly place the enchiladas in the pan. Then dump that enchilada sauce on top with a lot of cheese.

That’s it. I’ve never been to Mexico but I imagine I’d be pulling a fast one on my host family if I whipped up this sucker for them. They’d be like, “Is this… is this authentic Mexican food?” And I’d be like, “Nope! Just a casserole! Just a bastardization of enchiladas!” Then we’d laugh about it and keep saying, “Come on, you old dog! Pass more enchilada casserole over here!”


Bacon and blue cheese biscuits.


Don’t put honey on a bacon and blue cheese biscuit. Please. For my family.

This is your basic biscuit recipe but with a twist. Can you guess the twist? It’s adding bacon and blue cheese. That’s the surprise.

All-purpose flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, cream of tartar, butter and milk. But there’s more: bacon. and. blue cheese.

How did it turn out? 1.5 out of 5 stars.

I like the concept. But the application? It tasted like eating a piece of wood. It was dry, dusty, kind of hard, and a beaver was watching me the whole time.

I think the biscuits turned out dry because I followed the directions, which had a range to put them in the oven of 10 minutes to 14 minutes. What the f is with ranges on a recipe? I just want to know how long to cook it for. Don’t make me guess. I am using a recipe. If I wanted to use my cooking intuition, I wouldn’t be using a recipe. Don’t make me think, BH&G!!!

I just touched the biscuits and they weren’t browned like the directions said and I thought they might still be dough-y so I left them in the oven for the full 14 minutes. Amateur chef mistake!

Overall, I would try this recipe again. Maybe if I put them in the oven for only 10 minutes they would have turned out better. Also though, I don’t really like biscuits.


Caramel apples.


What a disaster but also so good! 4 out of 5 stars. My problem with this recipe: I was bad at it.

Apples, sticks (the grocery store kind, don’t make the same mistake I did), caramels (unwrapped, don’t make the same mistake I did), and whipping cream. And nuts, if you like them like me.

You take the caramels and dump them in the saucepan. Then you put some of the whipping cream in there. Stir it around a lot for a long time over a medium or medium low heat if you have a stove like mine that sucks.

When it’s nice and liquid-y enough, you take your apple, shove a stick up its core, and dip the apple into the caramel sauce.

One little problem though. I couldn’t figure out how to get caramel on the whole thing so I was just kind dipping the apple in there and getting half of it covered and then using the spatula to spoon the caramel over the rest of it. It ended up pretty uneven with some of the caramel not even on the apple and some GIANT blobs of caramel on the other side of the apple.

Also the stick fell out so it was basically just me holding an apple and dipping it in boiling hot caramel trying not to get it on my fingers but I got it on my fingers and it burned me.

It was ok though because I knew it was going to taste like magic. I had chopped some deluxe mixed nuts as finely chopped as I could (which is not a lot), and I rolled the apple in the nuts. Then I set it on a baking sheet with no wax paper because I was out.

Here’s the best part though!! It tasted like the carnival!!

Next time, I would probably get my friend who was a chocolatier to make them for me. That’s the only thing I would do differently if I were to cook it again.


Egg casserole.


Again, not a picture I took, but still looks like the uncooked egg casserole before I put it in the oven. I plan to take pictures when I cook. I just haven’t yet because I didn’t think of the blog post idea until I had already cooked a few of the BH&G recipes.

2.5 out of 5 stars. It turned out fine. But I probably used way too much french bread. Lucky for you though: I like french bread.

This recipe is simple and nice. 7 ingredients: bread cubes, meat, vegetable, 4-6 oz. shredded cheese, 4 eggs, 1 1/2 cups dairy, and then you got your seasoning. The recipe gives more detail about potential options but I’m afraid of being sued so I just kept it nice and vague for the lawyers who are always trying to sue me over my blog.

I made this with bacon, broccoli, cheddar, milk, and some Italian seasoning as my variation options. And it turned out good. But just good.

I’d make it again. But only begrudgingly. I’d do it for my children. (I don’t have any children).



Black bean-chipotle burgers.


This is also not a picture I took. It’s a stock photo. But it kind of looks like how the “burgers” turned out.

First of all: 1 out of 5 stars. I have several complaints about this recipe but you should also know: it was just ok to eat and taste.

This recipe requires a lot of ingredients so watch out. One of the little problems I had was that even though I followed the directions EXACTLY, the burger patties flew apart when I put them in the pan and it just kind of… turned into a stir fry.

Which is fine. It still tasted ok. But there was another problem.

I got the tostada shells from the store and they were carefully packaged and then I opened the box and the tostada shells were completely crushed into tortilla chip size! Who did this??

So not only were they not burgers, considering they were supposed to be in a tostada shell, but it kind of turned into nachos.

I would probably cook this again though. I like nachos.



Hot chocolate.


Well, I didn’t actually take this picture. It’s a stock photo. But it looks very nice, doesn’t it?

This recipe was pretty short and simple. Just how I like my men.

It calls for 1/3 cup semisweet chocolate pieces, 1/3 cup sugar, 4 cups milk and I added some tiny marshmallows to mine. Makes it feel like fall. Or winter.

The only problem I ran into with this recipe was that it was too hot. But don’t worry, I just waited for it to cool and then I could drink it again.

Overall, I give this recipe 5 stars out of 5 for its simplicity and how good it tastes. It’s way better than hot cocoa mix.

So make some hot chocolate today! Come on. Make some hot chocolate!


This is a dirt hobbit house in the plains biome.

The interior of the dirt house has a mixed textured floor of hay bales and coarse dirt, with a little cobblestone and regular stone tied in.

The backyard has a firepit next to a pond and the back of the house has a chimney and smoke is billowing out into the air, causing pollution probably.

Modern house made of spruce, cobblestone and black stained glass mostly.

House I built underneath a little hill. Along with some lamp posts and my hopper composter.

Oak starter house.

Storage in four directions underground: North, East, South, and West. That way you don’t have to run around from one level to another trying to gather resources.

Dirt starter house

Stone and stripped dark oak mansion, with a car in the carport, and a horse in the front yard.

The front of the remote outpost.

Front of Remote Outpost

The redstone playground.

Redstone Playground

The back of the remote outpost.

Remote Outpost Back

The view from the top of the remote outpost. It’s in the clouds! Wowie.

View From Top of Remote Outpost

Here’s the staircase to the top of the remote outpost tower.

Staircase To The Top

The inside of the remote outpost.

Inside of Remote Outpost

Ice skating rink.

Ice Skating Rink

Guys, I made a floating island. Here is the view from the top.

Overall View

Bottom of the floating island.

Bottom of Floating Island

The poppy stained glass banquet hall from the top of the crazy stairs.

Banquet Hall from Top of Stairs

View from the bottom of the stairs of the F.I. (floating island).

Floating Island from the Bottom

Ok so I made another banquet hall.

Banquet Hall

This side is mostly made of glass. It’s a stained glass poppy. I was going to put the stem but I didn’t make the hall big enough.

Outside Poppy

To the left is my fortress tower, in the middle is the traditional royal hall, and on the right is the banquet hall with the stained glass poppy.

Traditional and Weird

This is the loft. It’s just a loft.

Checkerboard Loft

These are some alternating netherbrick and quartz stairs. Which was terrifying to get.

Alternating Stairs

And this is the stained glass poppy from the interior.

Stained Glass Poppy

Here’s the interior of my second banquet hall:


Here’s my banquet hall I got the idea thinking about a quilt:


Rainbow stained glass window:


I call this side of the hall, “The Elton John.”


Rainbow again:


Here is my chateau by the beach:

Chateau Front



Grill and garden. How could we make do without that?

Chateau Grill and Garden

Couch and fireplace. Where’s my hot cocoa?

Couch and Fireplace

What home would be complete without a gaudy fountain?


White grand piano:

Grand Piano

Grand staircase:

Grand Staircase

Anybody need a shower?


The open kitchen for entertaining guests:


The hedge maze:


Wildflower meadow:

Wildflower Meadow

Here is my fortress. It was a blast to make:

Fortified Wall

This is the view from the wall. Can you believe it?

View From Fortified Wall

The on top of the fortified wall:

Fortified Wall Upstairs

Inside the fortified wall:

Inside Fortified Wall

Fortified wall up close:

Fortified Wall Upclose

Here’s a tower too:

Tower Up
Tower Down

My first ever house. The beach house:

Beach House

Be sure to keep all your animals together in one pen.

Pen of Animals

Suspension bridge (well, it’s also a tunnel in 2 places. It’s a Sunnel):

Suspension Bridge Underneath

Suspension bridge with checkerboard pattern. Anyone want to play chess?

Suspension Bridge

This piggie and chicken friend are trapped in my tunnel somehow:

Piggie and Chicken Friend

A Better Four-Year University Education

The Problem

There’s little trust between teacher and student. Students must be disciplined for talking out of turn. Students must sit still for 3 hours while class is ongoing, with a short 10-15 minute break in the middle. Students cannot be trusted to be self-directed. It’s assumed that, if left to their own devices, they would simply flounder without the “structure” of school.

The student is told they must prove what they’ve learned to the authority figure, the instructor. Unfortunately, the way the current system is set up, the main ways you prove you learned is through a paper and pencil test where you fill in bubbles, or maybe write in answers. Or, you write a paper explaining what you learned or make an argument on a limited number of topics to choose from.

This is in contrast to trust.

A college student should be trusted that they want to learn, and in their fourth year synthesis project, they can “prove” their learning much better by applying the knowledge they gathered into an applied-to-life project. Some students will slack or do the bare minimum and just try to get by. But just because there are a few “rotten apples” doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone as if they’re trying to pull a fast one on you. Most people want to do a good job. (source) Especially if they’re adults who are in school by choice. There have been many books written on this subject, and the vast majority of research shows that humans don’t need to be ruled by an iron fist to be productive. In fact, micromanaging people does the opposite; it demoralizes people and makes them less motivated to work hard, or innovate.

Teachers would be better served to be experts in the subjects of their personal choice, as well as educated on how to best teach. There are many brilliant professors who, unfortunately, don’t know how to teach the subjects they are otherwise so brilliant at. Ideally, teachers would have both an equal amount of training in their subject(s) of choice, as well as, in teaching.

The cost of education is currently unaffordable in the U.S. for most of the population. The average cost of attendance is anywhere from $10,000 for a state school, assuming you are a resident of that state, to $36,000 for private education. I don’t know of anyone in my lifetime, who is around my age, who has paid out of pocket, every last penny of their college education. Most get loans, scholarships, grants, and money from their families or state programs, if possible.

The Solution

But what if universities didn’t have to pay for a brick and mortar university? What if universities were a wide network of experts, who had an education in teaching as well, as you could simply drop them a video call when you need them?

For example, if you’re interested in geometry, maybe your university has an expert you can call, who lives in Switzerland, but is affiliated and vetted by the school, and you could arrange a time to talk with them about where you’re stuck with your geometry learning, and the instructor could help you when you need them. Instead of an instructor assigning you homework, books, and tests, they could make suggestions as to which projects would help you learn the subject you’re interested in.

While a video call is inferior to an in-person, one-on-one interaction with an instructor, it is certainly a lot less expensive than the current system of paying sky high tuition, which goes toward not only the staff, but also the buildings, the maintenance of those buildings, and the landscaping.

The buildings and their maintenance alone is 15% of the tuition’s budget. Imagine now, paying 15% less for school. That’s $1,500 off for a state school, and $5,400 for a private institution. The video conference idea doesn’t seem so scary when you think of how much it can save you long term.

This is my four-year plan for a university education.

In the first year, it’s a good time to gain the big picture, such as the theoretical knowledge necessary to understanding what’s out there that you can learn for the foundation of your education. You would be encouraged to pick as many or as few of the first year general subjects as you wish.

This is counter to the traditional system, which forces you to take subjects you will likely never use in your lifetime, and which you will likely forget. A professional dancer doesn’t need to know calculus, and a calculus professor doesn’t need to know how to do ballet. It’s okay not to know everything and to specialize and become the best in your chosen field, because there is a limited amount of time on earth, and learning calculus when you really want to be a ballerina has limited value.

Subjects would be taught all throughout the year, with one week breaks each season, for a total of four weeks off in a year. This is because health psychology studies overwhelmingly have shown taking a vacation, offers tremendous health benefits. (source) Some studies have shown taking a week to de-stress and get away from the troubles of school or work offers health benefits such as lowered cardiovascular disease risk for up to an entire year after the break is taken. These vacations also allow the brain to recharge and be in better performance for the learning that will continue after the break.

1st year (general)

Social sciences
Natural sciences
Formal sciences
Applied sciences

In the second year, there would be a new list of subjects that can be learned, based off of the first year’s foundation of knowledge. The student would pick as many or as few subjects as they wish to learn for the second year. This year would be a hybrid of both theoretical and applied education. Students would do less book reading this year, and spend more time working out in the field half the time, applying what they have learned or are learning. For example, say you always dreamed of being a prolific novelist. You might take all the humanities courses, but leave the formal sciences behind.

Then, you might start a concrete, detailed plan for how to begin learning to write well. An expert and teacher on writing could be your resource guide, as well as your consultant. The instructor could direct you to the right places to find a useful book, or maybe to an expert who could assist you in the direction you’re working toward. If the teacher isn’t an expert on writing horror, but knows of someone respected in the field, you could try to contact them. People are busy, but sometimes they are willing to help, and their advice should be treated as invaluable.

2nd yeaR (expanded)

  • Humanities
    • Arts
    • History
    • Home economics
    • Languages and literature
    • Law
    • Philosophy
    • Theology
  • Social sciences
    • Anthropology
    • Economics
    • Geography
    • Political science
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Social work
  • Natural sciences
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Earth science
    • Space sciences
    • Physics
  • Formal sciences
    • Computer science
    • Mathematics
  • Applied Sciences
    • Business
    • Engineering and technology
    • Medicine and health

The third year is for specializing in your chosen field(s) of study. From this list you would gain access to more applied and specific training, such as going to conferences. This is the year you would take instruction and finish writing your plan as to how you are going to write that great novel, or invent that new software, or maybe even come up with a scientific paper to submit to a peer-reviewed journal, depending on your personal interests and values.

3RD YEAR (specialized)


  • Arts
    • Performing arts
      • Music
      • Dance
      • Television
      • Theater
      • Film
    • Visual arts
      • Fine arts
      • Applied arts
      • Fashion
  • History
    • African history
    • American history
    • Ancient history
    • Asian history
    • Australian history
    • Ecclesiastical history of the Catholic Church
    • Economic history
    • Environmental history
    • European history
    • Intellectual history
    • Jewish history
    • Latin American history
    • Modern history
    • History of philosophy
    • Political history
    • Pre-Columbian era
    • Russian history
    • History of culture
    • Scientific history
    • Technological history
    • World history
    • Public history
  • Home economics
    • Cooking
    • Cleaning
    • Clothing
    • Family studies
    • Finance
    • Gardening
    • Health
    • Nutrition
  • Languages and literature
    • Linguistics
    • Comparative literature
    • Creative writing
    • English literature
    • History of literature
    • Literary theory
    • Poetry
    • World literature
  • Law
    • Administrative law
    • Canon law
    • Civil law
    • Comparative law
    • Competition law
    • Constitutional law
    • Criminal law
    • Islamic law
    • Jewish law
    • Jurisprudence
    • Legal management
    • Procedural law
    • Substantive law
  • Philosophy
    • Aesthetics
    • Applied philosophy
    • Epistemology
    • Ethics
    • Logic
    • Meta-philosophy
    • Meta-physics
    • Philosophical traditions and schools
    • Social philosophy and political philosophy
  • Theology
    • Biblical studies
    • Religious studies
    • Biblical Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic
    • Buddhist theology
    • Christian theology
    • Hindu theology
    • Jewish theology
    • Muslim theology

Social sciences

  • Anthropology
  • Biological anthropology
  • Linguistic anthropology
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Social anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Economics
    • Agricultural economics
    • Anarchist economics
    • Applied economics
    • Behavioral economics
    • Bioeconomics
    • Complexity economics
    • Computational economics
    • Consumer economics
    • Development economics
    • Ecological economics
    • Econometrics
    • Economic geography
    • Economic sociology
    • Economic systems
    • Education economics
    • Energy economics
    • Entrepreneurial economics
    • Environmental economics
    • Evolutionary economics
    • Experimental economics
    • Feminist economics
    • Financial econometrics
    • Financial economics
    • Green economics
    • Growth economics
    • Human development theory
  • Economics (cont.)
    • Industrial organization
    • Information economics
    • Institutional economics
    • International economics
    • Islamic economics
    • Labor economics
    • Law and economics
    • Macroeconomics
    • Managerial economics
    • Marxian economics
    • Mathematical economics
    • Microeconomics
    • Monetary economics
    • Neuroeconomics
    • Participatory economics
    • Political economy
    • Public economics
    • Public finance
    • Real estate economics
    • Resource economics
    • Social choice theory
    • Socialist economics
    • Socioeconomics
    • Transport economics
    • Welfare economics
  • Geography
    • Physical geography
    • Human geography
    • Integrated geography
    • Cartography
  • Political science
    • American politics
    • Canadian politics
    • Civics
    • Comparative politics
    • European studies
    • Geopolitics
    • International relations
    • International organizations
    • Nationalism studies
    • Peace and conflict studies
  • Political science (cont.)
    • Policy studies
    • Political behavior
    • Political culture
    • Political economy
    • Political history
    • Political philosophy
    • Public administration
    • Public law
    • Psephology
    • Social choice theory
  • Psychology
    • Abnormal psychology
    • Applied psychology
    • Biological psychology
    • Clinical neuropsychology
    • Clinical psychology
    • Cognitive psychology
    • Community psychology
    • Comparative psychology
    • Conservation psychology
    • Consumer psychology
    • Criminal psychology
    • Cultural psychology
    • Developmental psychology
    • Differential psychology
    • Ecological psychology
    • Educational psychology
    • Environmental psychology
    • Evolutionary psychology
    • Experimental psychology
    • Group psychology
    • Family psychology
    • Feminine psychology
    • Forensic developmental psychology
    • Forensic psychology
    • Health psychology
    • Humanistic psychology
    • Indigenous psychology
    • Legal psychology
    • Mathematical psychology
    • Media psychology
  • Psychology (cont.)
    • Medical psychology
    • Military psychology
    • Moral psychology and descriptive ethics
    • Music psychology
    • Neuropsychology
    • Occupational health psychology
    • Occupational psychology
    • Organizational psychology
    • Parapsychology
    • Pediatric psychology
    • Pedology
    • Personality psychology
    • Phenomenology
    • Political psychology
    • Positive psychology
    • Psychoanalysis
    • Psychobiology
    • Psychology of religion
    • Psychometrics
    • Psychopathology
    • Psychophysics
    • Quantitative psychology
    • Rehabilitation psychology
    • School psychology
    • Social psychology
    • Sport psychology
    • Traffic psychology
    • Transpersonal psychology
  • Sociology
    • Analytical sociology
    • Applied sociology
    • Architectural sociology
    • Area studies
    • Behavioral sociology
    • Collective behavior
    • Community informatics
    • Comparative sociology
    • Conflict theory
    • Criminology/Criminal justice
    • Critical management studies
    • Critical sociology
    • Cultural sociology
    • Cultural studies
    • Demography/population
    • Digital sociology
    • Dramaturgical sociology
    • Economic sociology
    • Educational sociology
    • Empirical sociology
    • Environmental sociology
    • Evolutionary sociology
    • Feminist sociology
    • Figurational sociology
    • Future studies
    • Gender studies
    • Historical sociology
    • Human ecology
    • Humanistic sociology
    • Industrial sociology
    • Interactionism
    • Interpretive sociology
    • Jealousy sociology
    • Macrosociology
    • Marxist sociology
    • Mathematical sociology
    • Medical sociology
    • Mesosociology
    • Microsociology
    • Military sociology
    • Natural resource sociology
    • Organizational studies
    • Phenomenological sociology
    • Policy sociology
    • Psychoanalytic sociology
    • Science and technology studies
    • Sexology
    • Social capital
    • Social change
    • Social conflict theory
    • Social control
    • Social economy
    • Social philosophy
    • Social policy
    • Social psychology
    • Social stratification
    • Social theory
    • Social transformation
    • Sociobiology
    • Sociocybernetics
    • Sociolinguistics
  • Sociology (cont.)
    • Sociology of aging
    • Sociology of agriculture
    • Sociology of art
    • Sociology of autism
    • Sociology of childhood
    • Sociology of conflict
    • Sociology of culture
    • Sociology of cyberspace
    • Sociology of development
    • Sociology of deviance
    • Sociology of disaster
    • Sociology of education
    • Sociology of emotions
    • Sociology of fatherhood
    • Sociology of finance
    • Sociology of food
    • Sociology of gender
    • Sociology of generations
    • Sociology of globalization
    • Sociology of government
    • Sociology of health and illness
    • Sociology of human consciousness
    • Sociology of immigration
    • Sociology of knowledge
    • Sociology of language
    • Sociology of law
    • Sociology of leisure
    • Sociology of markets
    • Sociology of marriage
    • Sociology of motherhood
    • Sociology of music
    • Sociology of natural resources
    • Sociology of organizations
    • Sociology of peace, war, and social conflict
    • Sociology of punishment
    • Sociology of race and ethnic relations
    • Sociology of religion
    • Sociology of risk
    • Sociology of science
    • Sociology of scientific knowledge
    • Sociology of social change
    • Sociology of social movements
    • Sociology of space
    • Sociology of sport
    • Sociology of technology
    • Sociology of terrorism
    • Sociology of the body
    • Sociology of the family
    • Sociology of the history of science
    • Sociology of the internet
    • Sociology of work
    • Sociomusicology
    • Structural sociology
    • Theoretical sociology
    • Urban/rural sociology
    • Victimology
    • Visual sociology
  • Social work
    • Clinical social work
    • Community practice
    • Mental health
    • Psychosocial rehabilitation
    • Person-centered therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Financial social work

Natural sciences

  • Biology
    • Aerobiology
    • Anatomy
    • Biochemistry
    • Bioinformatics
    • Biophysics
    • Biotechnology
    • Botany
    • Cell biology
    • Chronobiology
    • Computational biology
    • Cryobiology
    • Developmental biology
    • Ecology
    • Endocrinology
    • Evolutionary biology
    • Genetics
    • Histology
    • Human biology
    • Immunology
  • Biology (cont.)
    • Linology
    • Linnaean taxonomy
    • Marine biology
    • Mathematical biology
    • Microbiology
    • Molecular biology
    • Mycology
    • Neuroscience
    • Nutrition
    • Paleobiology
    • Parasitology
    • Pathology
    • Physiology
    • Structural biology
    • Systematics
    • Systems biology
    • Virology
    • Xenobiology
    • Zoology
  • Chemistry
    • Agrochemistry
    • Analytical chemistry
    • Astrochemistry
    • Atmospheric chemistry
    • Biochemistry (outline)
    • Chemical biology
    • Chemical engineering (outline)
    • Cheminformatics
    • Computational chemistry
    • Cosmochemistry
    • Electrochemistry
    • Environmental chemistry
    • Femtochemistry
    • Flavor
    • Flow chemistry
    • Geochemistry
    • Green chemistry
    • Histochemistry
    • Hydrogenation
    • Immunochemistry
    • Inorganic chemistry
    • Marine chemistry
    • Mathematical chemistry
    • Mechanochemistry
    • Medicinal chemistry
  • Chemistry (cont.)
    • Molecular biology
    • Molecular mechanics
    • Nanotechnology
    • Natural product chemistry
    • Neurochemistry
    • Oenology
    • Organic chemistry (outline)
    • Organometallic chemistry
    • Petrochemistry
    • Pharmacology
    • Photochemistry
    • Physical chemistry
    • Physical organic chemistry
    • Phytochemistry
    • Polymer chemistry
    • Quantum chemistry
    • Radiochemistry
    • Solid-state chemistry
    • Sonochemistry
    • Supramolecular chemistry
    • Surface chemistry
    • Synthetic chemistry
    • Theoretical chemistry
    • Thermochemistry
  • Earth science
    • Edaphology
    • Environmental chemistry
    • Environmental science
    • Gemology
    • Geochemistry
    • Geodesy
    • Physical geography
    • Geophysics
    • Paleontology
  • Space sciences
    • Astrobiology
    • Astronomy
    • Astrophysics
    • Interstellar medium
    • Numerical simulations
    • Physical cosmology
    • Stellar astrophysics
    • Planetary science
  • Physics
    • Acoustics
    • Aerodynamics
    • Applied physics
    • Astrophysics
    • Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
    • Biophysics
    • Computational physics
    • Condensed matter physics
    • Cryogenics
    • Electricity
    • Electromagnetism
    • Elementary particle physics
    • Experimental physics
    • Fluid dynamics
    • Geophysics
  • Physics (cont.)
    • Mathematical physics
    • Mechanics
    • Medical physics
    • Molecular physics
    • Newtonian dynamics
    • Nuclear physics
    • Optics
    • Plasma physics
    • Quantum physics
    • Solid mechanics
    • Solid state physics
    • Statistical mechanics
    • Theoretical physics
    • Thermal physics
    • Thermodynamics

Formal sciences

  • Computer science
    • Logic in computer science
    • Algorithms
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Data structures
    • Computer architecture
    • Computer graphics
    • Computer communications
    • Computer security and reliability
    • Computing in mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, and medicine
  • Computer science (cont.)
    • Computing in social sciences, arts, humanities, and professions
    • Distributed computing
    • Human-computer interaction
    • Operating systems
    • Parallel computing
    • Programming languages
    • Quantum computing
    • Software engineering
    • Theory of computation
    • VLSI design


  • Pure mathematics
    • Mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics
    • Algebra
    • Analysis
    • Probability theory
    • Geometry
    • Number theory
  • Applied mathematics
    • Approximation theory
    • Combinatorics
    • Cryptography
    • Dynamical systems
    • Game theory
    • Graph theory
    • Information theory
    • Mathematical physics
    • Numerical analysis
    • Operations research
    • Statistics
    • Theory of computation

Applied sciences


  • Accounting
  • Business management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations management

Engineering and technology

  • Chemical engineering
    • Bioengineering
    • Catalysis
    • Materials engineering
    • Molecular engineering
    • Nanotechnology
    • Polymer engineering
    • Process design
    • Process engineering
    • Reaction engineering
    • Thermodynamics
    • Transport phenomena
  • Civil engineering
    • Coastal engineering
    • Earthquake engineering
    • Ecological engineering
    • Environmental engineering
    • Geotechnical engineering
    • Hydraulic engineering
    • Mining engineering
    • Transportation engineering
    • Structural engineering
    • Structural mechanics
    • Surveying
  • Educational technology
    • Instructional design
    • Human performance technology
    • Knowledge management
  • Electrical engineering
    • Applied physics
    • Computer engineering
    • Computer science
    • Control systems engineering
    • Electronic engineering
    • Engineering physics
    • Information theory
    • Mechantronics
    • Power engineering
    • Quantum computing
    • Robotics
    • Semiconductors
    • Telecommunications engineering
  • Materials science and engineering
    • Biomaterials
    • Ceramic engineering
    • Crystallography
    • Nanomaterials
    • Photonics
    • Physical metallurgy
    • Polymer engineering
    • Polymer science
    • Semiconductors
  • Mechanical engineering
    • Aerospace engineering
    • Acoustical engineering
    • Automotive engineering
    • Biomedical engineering
    • Continuum mechanics
    • Fluid mechanics
    • Heat transfer
    • Industrial engineering
    • Manufacturing engineering
    • Marine engineering
    • Mass transfer
    • Mechatronics
    • Nanoengineering
    • Ocean engineering
    • Optical engineering
    • Robotics
    • Thermodynamics
  • Systems science
    • Chaos theory
    • Complex systems
    • Conceptual systems
    • Control theory
    • Cybernetics
    • Network science
    • Operations research
    • Systems biology
    • System dynamics
    • Systems ecology
    • Systems engineering
    • Systems psychology
    • Systems theory
    • Systems theory in anthropology

Medicine and health

  • Alternative medicine
  • Audiology
  • Clinical laboratory sciences
  • Clinical physiology
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency medicine
  • Epidemiology
  • Geriatrics
  • Gynaecology
  • Health informatics
  • Hematology
  • Infectious disease
  • Intensive care medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Medical toxiocology
  • Music therapy
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Obstetrics
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Occupational therapy
  • Occupational toxicology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Optometry
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Physical fitness
  • Physical therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Preventative medicine
  • Primary care
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Public health
  • Radiology
  • Recreational therapy
  • Rehabilitation medicine
  • Respiratory medicine
  • Sleep medicine
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Sports medicine
  • Surgery
  • Traditional medicine
  • Urology
  • Veterinary medicine

4TH YEAR (synthesized)

Fourth year is your final synthesis of everything you learned. The last year, you wrote your bucket list of things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. This is the year to actually work toward those bucket list items.

For example, if your goal is to learn a foreign language, maybe you go to Japan and stay there for a year to immerse yourself in the language and culture. Maybe your goal is to make friends while you’re there and actively practice everything you learned about the Japanese language in your studies over the last three years.

For some people, this isn’t financially feasible, but that doesn’t mean you can never cross off any of those bucket list items. You could make a website based on your learning to share with others. You could build your own greenhouse and sell your plants. You could audition for a play in the city or a community theater. There are lots of options, and not all of them have to be expensive.

The final year is supposed to be about accomplishing what you set out to accomplish in your life, not just pay a fortune to get a better paying, more prestigious job.

College could be a place that’s more than that. It could be a place to accomplish your dreams.


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