Minecraft in Order

This is a list of every farm, build, advancement, and treasure, in the order you should do it. The order is based on which resources are required.

useful links:

  • Chunkbase – Enter your seed number into the map to locate biomes, slime chunks, treasure, and other features in your world
  • Minecraft Wiki – Find the details on how to obtain advancements

  1. Have a crafting table in your inventory advancement
  2. Have one cobblestone/blackstone/cobbled deepslate in your inventory advancement
  3. Have a stone pickaxe in your inventory advancement
  4. Consume anything that can be consumed
  5. Sleep in a bed to change your respawn point
  6. Successfully trade with a Villager advancement
  7. Shoot a crossbow advancement
  8. Shoot something with an arrow
  9. Ore vein treasure
  10. Have an iron ingot in your inventory advancement
  11. Plant one of these 5 crops
  12. cow farm
  13. Breed two animals together
  14. Buried treasure
  15. Have an iron pickaxe in your inventory advancement (y=15)
  16. Have a lava bucket in your inventory advancement
  17. Tame one of these mobs
  18. beginner iron farm
  19. Have any type of iron armor in your inventory advancement
  20. Use a water bucket on any fish mob
  21. Have a diamond in your inventory advancement
  22. Have a block of obsidian in your inventory advancement
  23. sandstone build
  24. calcite build
  25. Use a glass bottle on a beehive or bee nest while not angering the bees inside
  26. Collide on a vertical side of a honey block when in air advancement
  27. Use a honeycomb on a copper block
  28. Use an axe to revert a waxed copper block
  29. ice farm
  30. beginner auto carrot/potato farm
  31. deepslate build
  32. Igloo treasure
  33. Throw a splash potion of Weakness at a zombie villager, feed it a golden apple, and wait for it to be cured advancement
  34. Enter a boat with a goat
  35. Walk on powder snow while wearing leather boots
  36. snow farm
  37. easy iron farm
  38. lime concrete build
  39. phantom farm
  40. Kill any entity, or be killed by any entity advancement
  41. Kill any hostile monster
  42. Block any projectile with a shield advancement
  43. Be at least 50 blocks away horizontally when a skeleton is killed by an arrow after the player has attacked it once
  44. Desert temple treasure
  45. Have any type of diamond armor in your inventory advancement
  46. Insert an item in an enchanting table, then apply an enchantment advancement
  47. mangrove build
  48. Summon an Iron Golem to help defend a village
  49. Make the Meadows come alive with the sound of music from a Jukebox
  50. Use a water bucket on an axolotl
  51. Use a crossbow enchanted with Piercing to kill two phantoms
  52. cave spider farm
  53. Catch a fish
  54. Jungle temple treasure
  55. sweet berry farm
  56. Abandoned mineshaft treasure
  57. Move a Bee Nest, with 3 bees inside, using Silk Touch
  58. stone/cobblestone farm
  59. Enter the nether dimension advancement
  60. Be at least 30 blocks away horizontally when the center of a target is shot with a projectile by the player
  61. sugar cane farm 10 sec
  62. chicken farm
  63. zombie farm
  64. skeleton farm
  65. flower farm
  66. yellow terracotta build
  67. TNT duper machine
  68. Amethyst treasure
  69. Look at a parrot through a spyglass
  70. Enter a Nether fortress advancement
  71. Have a blaze rod in your inventory advancement
  72. Pick up an item from a brewing potion slot advancement
  73. kelp farm
  74. Nether fortress treasure
  75. Nether ruined portal treasure
  76. terracotta build
  77. Obtain ancient debris advancement
  78. Have a full set of netherite armor in your inventory advancement
  79. Charge a respawn anchor to the maximum advancement
  80. Look at a ghast through a spyglass
  81. Use a compass on a Lodestone advancement
  82. nether bricks build
  83. piglin barter farm 1 min
  84. Give piglins gold while not wearing any golden armor advancement
  85. stripped acacia wood build
  86. Have a netherite hoe in your inventory
  87. Use the Nether to travel between 2 points in the Overworld with a minimum horizontal euclidean distance of 7000 blocks between each other, which is 875 blocks in the Nether advancement
  88. easiest concrete maker
  89. basalt generator
  90. wool farm
  91. lava farm
  92. auto bridge builder
  93. Boost a strider with a warped fungus on a stick advancement
  94. While riding a strider, travel 50 blocks in lava in the overworld advancement
  95. piglin barter farm
  96. pink terracotta build
  97. warped stem build
  98. AFK fish farm
  99. easiest TNT wood farm
  100. mossy cobblestone build
  101. warped planks build
  102. moss block build
  103. magenta concrete build
  104. honeycomb block build
  105. spruce build
  106. wheat farm
  107. nether wart farm
  108. stripped crimson stem build
  109. tunnel bore
  110. moss block bone meal farm
  111. Fossil treasure
  112. villager breeder
  113. potato/carrot farm
  114. Ruined portal treasure
  115. Have a block of crying obsidian in your inventory advancement
  116. Shipwreck treasure
  117. Use a glow ink sac on a sign
  118. Kill five unique mobs with one crossbow shot
  119. Have the Regeneration effect applied from assisting an axolotl or it killing a mob
  120. easy glow squid farm
  121. hoglin farm
  122. pumpkin farm
  123. melon farm
  124. concrete farm
  125. weeping vine farm
  126. TNT tree farm
  127. stripped oak wood build
  128. green terracotta build
  129. jungle build
  130. auto storage
  131. auto sugar cane farm
  132. polished deepslate build
  133. granite build
  134. Kill a ghast using a ghast fireball advancement
  135. blaze farm
  136. dirt build
  137. purple concrete build
  138. Ancient city treasure
  139. Sneak within 8 blocks from a sculk sensor, or 16 blocks from a warden
  140. Kill one of these 71 mobs near a sculk catalyst
  141. Kill a mob near a Sculk Catalyst
  142. easy warden farm
  143. witch farm
  144. stripped crimson hyphae build
  145. cactus farm
  146. easiest creeper farm
  147. Visit all of the 5 nether biomes advancement
  148. Enter a bastion remnant advancement
  149. Bastion remnant treasure
  150. Open a chest in a bastion remnant advancement
  151. polished blackstone bricks build
  152. Ocean monument treasure
  153. Be within 30 blocks of a lightning strike that doesn’t set any blocks on fire, while an unharmed villager is within or up to six blocks above a 30×30×30 volume centered on the lightning strike
  154. Hit a mob with a thrown trident
  155. Hit a villager with lightning created by a trident with the Channeling enchantment
  156. Enter a stronghold advancement
  157. Enter the End dimension advancement
  158. Kill the ender dragon advancement
  159. Have a dragon egg in your inventory advancement
  160. Be in a certain radius from the exit portal when an ender dragon is summoned using end crystals advancement
  161. Look at the Ender Dragon through a spyglass
  162. Have a bottle of dragon’s breath in your inventory advancement
  163. Throw an ender pearl through, fly, or walk into an end gateway advancement
  164. Enter an end city
  165. End city treasure
  166. Have a pair of elytra in your inventory
  167. light blue wool build
  168. Tame all cat variants
  169. Move a distance of 50 blocks vertically with the Levitation effect applied, regardless of whether it is caused by the effect
  170. Kill a ghast while in the overworld
  171. Falls from at least y=319 to at most y=-59 with a vertical distance of greater than 379 blocks
  172. Stand on any block that is higher than 318 and trade with Villager or Wandering Trader
  173. chorus flower farm
  174. chorus fruit farm
  175. glass pane build
  176. purpur block build
  177. crimson planks build
  178. orange terracotta build
  179. honey farm
  180. easy trident farm
  181. waxed oxidized copper build
  182. turtle farm
  183. endermen farm
  184. mob head farm
  185. glass build
  186. stripped dark oak log build
  187. smooth red sandstone build
  188. Kill a pillager with a crossbow
  189. Kill a raid captain advancement
  190. Pillager outpost treasure
  191. Kill at least one raid mob during a raid and wait until it ends in victory
  192. Have a wither skeleton skull in your inventory advancement
  193. Use a Totem of Undying to cheat death
  194. Give an allay a cake and then use a note block to make the allay drop the cake at a note block
  195. Give an allay an item and then have it return to the player with more of that item
  196. auto wither/obsidian farm
  197. Summon the wither advancement
  198. Be within a 20×20×14 cuboid centered on a beacon block when it realizes it has become powered advancement
  199. Be within a 20×20×14 cuboid centered on a beacon block when it realizes it is being powered by a size 4 pyramid advancement
  200. mangrove tree farm
  201. mud brick build
  202. Catch a Tadpole in a Bucket
  203. Get each Frog variant on a Lead
  204. raid farm
  205. villager trading hall
  206. easy brewing station farm
  207. Woodland mansion treasure
  208. obsidian farm
  209. guardian farm
  210. squid farm
  211. prismarine build
  212. grass block build
  213. white concrete build
  214. acacia build
  215. smooth quartz block build
  216. polished blackstone build
  217. lime terracotta build
  218. stripped birch log build
  219. pink concrete build
  220. polished basalt build
  221. bone block build
  222. dark prismarine build
  223. andesite build
  224. iron farm portal based
  225. stripped warped hyphae build
  226. red concrete build
  227. light gray concrete build
  228. end stone bricks build
  229. polished diorite build
  230. bricks build
  231. light blue terracotta build
  232. minecraft base
  233. wither skeleton farm no spawnproof
  234. froglight farm
  235. Get each Frog variant on a Lead
  236. Have a Pearlescent, Ochre, and Verdant Froglight in your inventory
  237. Have all Froglights in your inventory
  238. slime farm
  239. auto cobblestone farm
  240. cobblestone build
  241. red mushroom block build
  242. quartz pillar build
  243. gold farm
  244. super smelter
  245. auto fish farm
  246. bamboo farm
  247. polished andesite build
  248. oak build
  249. sugar cane farm
  250. stripped spruce log build
  251. brown mushroom block build
  252. birch build
  253. light blue concrete build
  254. orange concrete build
  255. stone build
  256. white wool build
  257. snow block build
  258. all mob farm
  259. creeper farm
  260. wither/nether star farm
  261. deepslate bricks build
  262. block of amethyst build
  263. wither rose farm
  264. shulker shell farm
  265. trident/drowned farm
  266. ghast farm
  267. magma cube farm
  268. wither skeleton farm
  269. blackstone build
  270. Discover every biome
  271. Eat everything that is edible
  272. Breed a pair of each of these 22 mobs
  273. Have all of these 13 status effects applied to the player at the same time advancement
  274. How did we get here advancement
  275. Kill one of every hostile monster