Album review of Dawn FM by The Weeknd

Album review of Dawn FM by The Weeknd

Hi, I listened to The Weeknd’s brand new album that just came out and it’s amazing.

It’s really goddamn good.

The concept is that you’re dying and going to heaven or maybe you’re in purgatory, and you’re listening to a radio channel with 80s beats and synths and shit.

Electronic R&B? With a touch of disco? That’s how I’d describe the musical style of the album as a whole probably.

It’s creepy, it’s beauty, the lyrics are deep, it’s awesome, but it also addresses you, the listener, with an outro track featuring some wise spiritual guidance in the form of spoken word poetry.

It’s dark but with a glimmer of hope and peace. It’s like what death is really like. First it’s scary and then it’s peaceful I bet.

It’s not as melodic and catchy as his early albums, but the lyrics are deeper and the music sounds more complex, meaning more like experimental R&B. It’s more entertaining to listen to because everything is fresh and you hear new things each time you play the album through.

He has this part where he’s interviewing his dad. Or maybe it’s not his dad? Oh I just looked it up. It’s Quincy Jones. Anyway, his dad says that he used to leave women as soon as he felt attached and he didn’t know why but now that he’s an old man he realizes that he was unconsciously messed up from his mom having been committed to a mental institution, and how not having a mother’s love made him avoid love with anyone to avoid getting hurt. It gave me chills because all of The Weeknd’s albums up to the last two albums have been about sex, drugs, and music and he was very boastful about his sexual conquests and then something happened.

I think he just grew up and got more self-aware, and now his albums are like this, “I love you and I’m all messed up and self-destructive” thing.

Oh right haha and Jim Carrey is the radio host on the album and he does a really good job. He’s poetic and has true artistry in his acting. I believe he really is a creepy but serene voice guiding you from death to the afterlife.

Oh and I have something really cute to share with you. I read an interview about The Weeknd and Jim Carrey, they’re neighbors and use telescopes to wave at each other from their respective houses.