List of tax breaks in America

I went through the IRS website and collected this list of things you can write off on your taxes for fun. This is to help poor people only. Rich people move along. We need your money really, really bad.



 – cost of storage
 – plane ticket
 – moving company
 – baggage fees
 – baggage fees
 – utility bills
 – rent
 – if you get a new laptop
 – percentage of the time you use your laptop and the cost of it
 – office supplies
 – 50% of meals dining out with clients
 – 50% of meals dining out alone when traveling for business
 – entertainment with clients
 – cell phone but only business calls in your phone bill
 – percentage of the size of your house you use for business
 – if you worked fewer hours than last year
 – your website costs
 – tech supplies
 – interest on your credit card
 – interest on loans (car loan, percentage I use it for business like dropping you off at the airport, taking clients out, etc.)
 – accountant fees
 – bank fees
 – education expenses
 – training expenses
 – subscriptions to trade or professional publications
 – tax preparer fees
 – state income tax
 – ordinary expenses related to your trade
 – any transportation (train, bus, airplane, lyft, uber)
 – any lodging (hotels)
 – tips
 – business start up costs
 – research
 – advertising
 – books
 – licenses
 – computer software (even open source)
 – online services
 – subcontractors
 – shipping
 – postage
 – airplane but not the first day of travel
 – conventions
 – consulting fees
 – internet hosting and services
 – when you reinvest in any kind of fund (dividends)
 – interest
 – pension plan contributions
 – charitable contributions
 – sales tax (electronics, furniture, engagement ring/wedding bands, a wedding, car)
 – advice and fees

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