How laws are bought and sold in America

The second highest profit margins in the land are in the financial/real estate/insurance industry, which loves to fund the status quo politicians, regardless of party, and these politicians turn around, and in my opinion, don’t prosecute fraud very much such as ponzi schemes, which are illegal in the private industry but seem to be fine when the government does it (medicaid/medicare/social security). My thinking, is that they believe it’s not wrong and won’t collapse, because even if the government doesn’t have the revenue to pay out, they have the authority to print the money, even if it’s not worth as much, to pay our bills.

Here is a cool website that shows a list of all your favorite 2016 presidential candidates and just how much money they got from the financial/real estate/insurance industry:

  1. Hillary Clinton $13.2 million (Democrat) 2. Jeb Bush $7.2 million (Republican) 3. Marco Rubio $6.1 million (Republican)

Even Bernie Sanders (Democrat), who seems to me to be a lot different than the establishment candidates, received $1.8 million from the financial/real estate/insurance industry. However, his #1 contributors are retired people, followed by people in education.

Oddly enough to me though, Donald Trump (Republican) is not on the list. His #1 campaign contributions? Retired people.

Hillary Clinton’s (Democrat) #1 industry contributors are in the investment/securities industry. That signals to me that there’s something Hillary has said or in the way that she votes that makes people in that industry think she will do them some legal favors.

The biggest contributor is Renaissance Technologies, who funds both sides of the aisle, 40% democrat and 60% republican. They only have 290 employees and are worth $65 billion. Their success is due to creating mathematical algorithms, statistical analysis, and utilizing computational linguistics to pull together perfect investment portfolios that have an average return rate of 35% over a 20 year span. To put that in perspective, 10% is the average rate of return people get on their investments historically, at least on the S&P 500, IN A LIFETIME. And that number includes all recessions, the great depression, and the 2007-08 financial crisis.

So either it’s overvalued and going to crash, or maybe they invented a great product/service, at the right time in history. Only time will tell.

It is my opinion, that you can tell what the big issues are going to be within the next few years based on who is spending the most money on politicians and what their industry is. There’s a big spike in spending on the financial/real estate/insurance industry before and during the 2007-2008 financial crisis.



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