What causes SIDS?

This value begins to screw us up the very first day we are born. When I was taking lifespan developmental psychology in college, I came to the realization that collectivist cultures, with all the problems that come with it too, seems to me, in my personal, worthless opinion, to have it more together than the US.

Hear me out before screaming.

One example, is that the Western world likes to have their babies sleep in cribs in another room, probably because of the cultural value of privacy. But most populations around the world sleep in the same bed as their children, on a hard surface, with the baby lying on its back, which some researchers think partially contributes to their lower cases of SIDS. Japan has the lowest rates of SIDS out of all the industrialized nations, New Zealand being the first.

“Adoption of bed-sharing and room-sharing practices appears to be saving Pacific infants’ lives, even though the New Zealand Cot Death Association has discouraged bed-sharing and not actively promoted room sharing.” – Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health

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